Jameela Jamil's tweet about Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga just snapped us back to reality

Anna Sheffer

When A Star Is Born hit theaters in 2018, fans quickly fell in love with the story of Jackson Maine and Ally—thanks in part to Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga’s incredible onscreen chemistry. The two actors were so convincing that fans wondered if they were more than just costars, and their swoon-worthy performance at the 2019 Oscars didn’t help. Cooper and Gaga have repeatedly insisted that there is no real-life romance brewing between them, but the internet continues to aggressively ship them.

Things got even worse when People confirmed on June 6th that Cooper had split from his partner, Irina Shayk. Gaga-Cooper fans were in a tizzy. Some tried to drag Gaga into the breakup narrative, even making jokes that she was behind the split. Actress Jameela Jamil, however, was quick to call out this behavior.

In a June 7th tweet, the star of The Good Place succinctly explained why jumping to conclusions about Cooper and Shayk’s breakup is problematic.


Jamil is absolutely right that accusing Gaga of being a “homewrecker” is sexist. (Though, to clarify, Jamil misidentified Cooper and Shayk’s longterm relationship as a marriage.) There is no evidence that Gaga and Cooper have romantic feelings for each other—and again, they have insisted that it’s not true. As Jamil pointed out, there’s no way to tell from the outside what Cooper and Shayk’s relationship is like. One source told ET Online that the two had been “unhappy in their relationship for some time and tried to make it work.” The source also added that this unhappiness dated to before A Star Is Born. Granted, Cooper and Shayk haven’t confirmed these details themselves.

The bottom line is that we shouldn’t be speculating about why any relationship ends—and we definitely shouldn’t be pinning the responsibility on another woman without evidence. We’re with Jamil on this one.

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