Jake Paul Calls Ex Tana Mongeau a "Sloth" Following Anti-Bullying Campaign

Photo credit: gotpap/Bauer-Griffin - Getty Images
Photo credit: gotpap/Bauer-Griffin - Getty Images

Fans are not happy with Jake Paul after he called his ex, Tana Mongeau, a "sloth," just days after speaking out against bullying. The YouTuber has been called out by the fans on social media, and Tana herself, for the hypocrisy.

On Wednesday, Jake posted a TikTok, highlighting his "Ls" or loses, one of which was "fake married a sloth." Tana later dueted the video, looking less than pleased about the insult. She sarcastically captioned her TikTok, "what a sweet thing to say about me :)."

The insult comes just a day after Jake posted a YouTube video about the launch of his non-profit, Boxing Bullies. On Instagram, Jake explained that the goal of the initiative is to "fight back against bullying."

"If you're a bully it's not cool," Jake said in the video. "I used to be a bully. Stop bullying...and if you see bullying happening, you gotta stop it. You gotta stand up and be like, 'that's not cool.' Cyberbullying is affecting so many people, causing depression in our generation and I hate it."

Fans quickly pointed out that Jake cyberbullied Tana just a day after posting the video. "Didnt he call tana a sloth like … YESTERDAY" one person asked in the comments of an Instagram about Jake's YouTube video. "Him: 'stop bullying' Also him: *calls tana a sloth*," wrote another.

Jake has yet to comment on the situation publicly.

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