Jake Paul Bought a $421K Ferrari and Broke It Within an Hour Doing Donuts

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Most of us can only dream of owning a car like the Ferrari 296 GTB. But social media influencer turned professional boxer Jake Paul is not like the rest of us, and bought one of the pricey rear mid-engine, rear-wheel-drive sports cars this week for $421,000. And then, he promptly caused it to malfunction by doing donuts.

The 26-year-old star picked the bright yellow whip up this week at Ferrari Puerto Rico in San Juan, which he documented in his latest YouTube video. Initially, Paul was in awe of the vehicle. "Bro, I'm nervous to drive this thing," he said, shortly after sitting behind the wheel. "It's so nice that I just don't even—I'm gonna leave it here."

However, Paul changed his tune shortly after getting on the road, quickly taking the car from zero to 60. As TMZ points out, the model can achieve that speed in less than three seconds and zero to 100 in just 5.1 seconds, with top speeds of over 200 miles per hour.

"I'm hungry man, I wonder if there's a donut shop around here," he remarked shortly after, about five-and-a-half minutes into the video.

Suffice to say, Paul didn't find any donuts of the glazed variety. Instead, he found a parking lot and proceeded to spin out the squealing Ferrari in circles. "Breaking in a $450,000 car like it's fucking nothing," he bragged, but soon his tone changed.

"Wow, AVH system failure, go to dealer," Paul said, reading off the cascading error messages displayed on the dashboard. "Low beam failure, manettino failure—all the systems, I broke the car, guys. Look, escape system failure, go to dealer. Everything, all the alert systems came on in the car."

"Bro, you just bought this car," one of his friends exclaimed.

It's unclear what became of the car, or if the aptly nicknamed Problem Child and his friends conceded to the pleas of the Ferrari to take it back to the dealer. But in either case, you'd have to think this is a drop in the bucket for Paul, who is worth a reported $40 million.

He recently plunked down over $15 million for a 12,000 square foot mansion in the San Juan, PR area, that features a six car garage—perfect for storing a 3,000 pound yellow paperweight, evidently.