Jadeite Is the Retro Kitchen Trend We're Loving Right Now—Here Are 10 Favorite Items To Shop Online

Kaitlyn Yarborough

Jadeite is one of those vintage kitchen trends that will always hold a warm place in our hearts, whether we’re remembering the butter dish that always headed up our grandmother’s table or the cake stand that she’d showcase her most delicious masterpieces. Ah, to smell those caramel cakes was to go into sugar overload. Luckily, what’s old is forever coming back as new, and jadeite is once again popping up all over the home trend forecast. From the cutest salt-and-pepper shakers to spice up your dinner table to the most charming iced tea pitcher that’ll have you porch-sitting in no time (and even a whole dinnerware set, too), these are our favorite jadeite kitchen items to shop now and enjoy always.