Jacquees gave his mom $100K at her wedding — but people are calling the gesture 'tacky and dangerous'

Jacquees gifted his mom $100,000 in cash on her wedding night. (Photo: Instagram)
Jacquees gifted his mom $100,000 in cash on her wedding night. (Photo: Instagram)

R&B singer Jacquees gave his mom a gift that most newlyweds dream about when he presented her with $100,000 in cash during her wedding over the weekend. But not everybody agrees that it was a sweet moment between the mother and son. Instead, some are saying that Jacquees’s public display of the exorbitant amount of cash was “tacky and dangerous.”

Reposting a video from On a Roll Digital of the 24-year-old dumping stacks of cash out of a duffel bag and onto the dance floor, radio station WHUR 96.3 posed the question: “Was his delivery tacky or should people get out of their feelings and let this man show his appreciation for his mother any way he sees fit?”

“Tacky plus it wasn’t safe for everybody to know they had that much cash at the wedding!” one person reacted. While another pointed out, “I just wonder how the groom felt..a little upstaged maybe?”

However, it was a comment by reality star Natalie Nunn on another repost of Jacquees’s photo that started an even bigger debate.

“In African cultures they do this at weddings!!!” she wrote, likely in reference to the Nigerian tradition of money spraying. “It’s not ghetto it’s our culture.”

But many people disagreed with the former Big Brother star Nunn to say that a nod to African culture was simply not the singer’s intention.

“Don’t equate this to African culture, especially since he didn’t do this in the name of African culture,” someone wrote. Added another: “Not every African culture do this…especially not the way this was done. This is just tacky and dangerous.” One commenter, eleven8, said: “Never in any African culture do we dump stacks of money on the ground. We may put it on [you] or in your hands, or even throw it in the air if we feeling joyous. But we do not dump the money on the ground. Don’t put this on us.”

Some followers even suggested that “a check in a pretty envelope would have been more tasteful.”

Jacquees doesn’t seem to be bothered by the critics, however, since he took to social media on Sunday night to say that he is “the king of R&B right now for this generation.”

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