From Jacob Elordi to Jonathan Bailey, Here Are 10 of the Internet's Best Babygirls

nicholas galatzine, andrew garfield, jacob elordi
nicholas galatzine, andrew garfield, jacob elordi

We love a babygirl!

When it comes to the internet's taste in men, some people prefer daddies, some prefer himbos, some prefer twinks, and some prefer babygirls. All are valid choices.

We all know the hallmarks of an internet babygirl: he’s a man who is hot and sexy, but not in a threatening or domineering way, he eschews toxic masculinity for sensitivity and understanding, he’s got puppy-dog eyes and dick-sucking lips that could convince you to do anything, and even if he’s taller and older than you, you want nothing more than to protect him.

Here are 10 of our favorite internet babygirls. Who are yours?

Jacob Elordi

The 6’5” Elordi is known for playing hunks and sex symbols like Elvis in Priscilla, and in The Kissing Booth and Saltburn, but he always puts his own babygirl spin on the roles. With his Big Himbo Energy, soft eyes, and concerned eyebrows, Elordi is the ultimate babygirl.

Timothée Chalamet

Chalamet became all of our babygirl when we watched him cry for several minutes at the end of Call Me by Your Name. Who could see that face and not want to scoop him into your arms? As Paul Atreides in the Dune movies, he’s now an intergalactic babygirl.

Nicholas Galitzine

Whether he’s a shy British prince afraid of what coming out will do to his family in Red, White & Royal Blue or a dumb-as-dirt football player in Bottoms, Galatzine had a great year as one of the internet’s premiere babygirl boyfriends. How can you say no to that face?

Andrew Garfield

andrew garfield in the social network
andrew garfield in the social network

Sony Pictures

One of the original babygirls! As soon as he played lovesick puppy and Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin in The Social Network, Garfield inspired ten thousand fanfics... and even more crushes. He’s still one of our favorite babygirls years later, proving that even into your 40s, you can still be a certified babygirl.

Josh Segarra

josh segarra in the other two
josh segarra in the other two


We first fell in love with this babygirl as the ultimate babygirl boyfriend Josh in The Other Two. He’s a beautiful himbo, he’s endlessly supportive, he loves everyone, and he doesn't have a negative bone in his body. He’s a puppy, and that makes him a babygirl.

Mason Gooding

Talk about a great smile! There are few celebs we’d rather kiss than Mason Gooding. Even though he’s got more muscles than most of us, we’d love to hold this babygirl and star of the Scream movies close.

Julio Torres

Torres is a slightly different flavor of babygirl. He’s like an elf or sprite, fluttering around our minds 24/7. We love the star of Los Espookys, My Favorite Shapes, and Problemista and we’d protect him with our lives.

Justice Smith

Babygirls always look good in crop tops, and Justice Smith is here to remind us all of that fact. In projects like Genera+ion and Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves, Smith has proved that he has lasting power as a preeminent babygirl of Hollywood.

Jonathan Bailey

Bailey was already a babygirl due to his real-life self, but now that he’s starring as our favorite new babygirl of the year Tim Laughlin in Fellow Travelers, we’ve developed a new appreciation for Skippy.

Joe Keery


Steve Harrington in Stranger Things may be older than most of the kids who star in the show, but he’s way more babygirl than any of them will ever be! Keery brings his big brown eyes and bigger hair to houses across the world and we love him for it.