Jackson Local Tim Durtschi Drops Into Corbet's Couloir

With the sudden yet unfortunately expected cancellation of Jackson Hole's Kings and Queens of Corbet's event, Corbet's Couloir—one of the resort's gnarliest runs—is suddenly drawing more attention than usual.

This begs the question: Is it skiable?

The answer to that question is a resounding affirmative, per this video from professional skier Tim Durtschi.

It sounds like Durtschi hopped into the Couloir earlier this week after it first opened for the season. "A Corbet's drop is just what I needed, thanks @jacksonhole for the surprise opener," Durtschi wrote in the caption to his post.

There, of course, is now another question.

If Corbet's is skiable, why was the competition canceled? Well, skiable doesn't necessarily translate to "competition worthy." I could technically ski the barely snowy hill near my apartment. Would I ask someone to try and somehow double backflip down it? Absolutely not.

The same rule applies to Corbet's. The watershed where Jackson Hole, Wyoming, is located—the Snake Headwaters—is currently at 80% of the median snow water equivalent. This time last season, it was at 104%, meaning conditions were much more favorable for the Kings and Queens competition.

Jackson Hole uploaded an informative video explaining the cancellation yesterday. Give it a watch below.

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