Jack Harlow Partners with KFC as the Latest Celeb To Roll Out A Custom "Meal Deal"

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Photo:  DFree (Shutterstock)
Photo: DFree (Shutterstock)

Hip hop has seen some unlikely collaborations, but perhaps the most surprising partnerships lately are those between the genre’s mega stars and America’s mega fast food chains. Kentucky born rapper Jack Harlow is the latest to announce his own “meal deal” with you guessed it — Kentucky Fried Chicken. According to Yahoo Finance, the exclusive combo will be available at KFC restaurants nationwide beginning June 6.

The new “Jack Harlow Meal,” apparently hand selected by Harlow himself, includes KFC’s signature spicy chicken sandwich, “secret” recipe fries with a ranch dressing, and a side of questionable looking yet entirely appropriate bowl of mac and cheese.

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“From releasing ‘Come Home the Kids Miss You’ and now launching my own meal at KFC, I’m having a super blessed summer,” Harlow mentioned in the press release. “When KFC asked me to create my own meal, I knew it couldn’t be just any meal. My meal brings together my childhood favorites from growing up in Louisville, the KFC Mac & Cheese, with my new go-to Spicy Chicken Sandwich (with plenty of ranch), Secret Recipe Fries, and lemonade – it doesn’t get much better.”

The recent buzz around the meal definitely beats making headlines for not knowing who Brandy is. (Insert cringe face.)

This Saturday in Atlanta, Harlow fans will get the opportunity to be the first to try the new meal, as a local KFC gets turned into the “Jack’s Meal HQ” for the day. The press event will also be streaming Harlow’s latest album, and feature other “surprise experiences” throughout the day, according to the press release.

In honor of the Jack Harlow Meal, the rapper and KFC will also be releasing a line of limited edition merch. Fans can download the KFC and opt into push notifications to know when it drops.

The “First Class” rapper is now within the lineage of artists that have also released their own meals at other fast food restaurants. Megan Thee Stallion launched her “Hottie Meal” with Popeyes last fall. Meanwhile, Icy Girl Saweetie released her own “Saweetie Meal” with McDonalds in the summer. In an effort to create more of a loyal fan base, McDonalds has been rolling out celebrity studded combos pretty consistently, with other collaborations that have included Travis Scott, reggaeton artist J Balvin, legendary r&b diva Mariah Carey, and super K Pop group, BTS.