J.lo’s Daughter, Emme Muñiz, Hopes to Collaborate on an Album With Her Mom

Lauren Puckett
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Photo credit: Maddie Meyer - Getty Images
Photo credit: Maddie Meyer - Getty Images


For much of her young life, Emme Muñiz, the 12-year-old daughter of global sensation Jennifer Lopez and her ex-husband Marc Anthony, remained on the fringes of her parents' limelight. But after making a dramatic appearance at this year’s Super Bowl, where she sang alongside Lopez (and sounded damn good doing so), the world caught a glimpse of just how much charisma she’s inherited. This month, Muñiz peeled back the curtains even further, revealing a bit of her life at home in the form of her first children’s book, an illustrated prayer called Lord Help Me.

The story follows Muñiz as she prays throughout her day—for the strength to get out of bed; for the patience to deal with her twin, Maximilian; for the integrity not to lie to her mother (who makes a charming cameo in the book). She closes with a wish for all people to “do something, no matter how small, to help our planet heal.”

Sitting in the pink-and-gray bedroom she shares with her brother, Muñiz tells ELLE.com she’s been praying a lot since the COVID-19 pandemic swept across America. “What I'm praying most about is what I'm grateful for,” she says. “I'm most grateful for the time that I get to spend with my family.”

She admits that quarantining was “hard to adapt to at first, but after a couple months we got it.” She gets to see friends from time to time, but they’re only allowed into the house one at a time, and everyone must wear a mask. But the time alone has given her the chance to reflect on what she wants to do next—and a collaboration with her mother might be on her bucket list.

Making an album with Lopez “would be a very cool experience,” she says. “That'd be great.” And Lopez seems to encourage any occasion for her daughter to sing: Muñiz told E! she’s planning to sing at her mother’s wedding to Alex Rodriguez. She hasn’t settled on a song choice just yet, but “You Are My Sunshine” is top of mind; Lopez used to sing it to her daughter every day.

As for plans to author more books, she’s coy about any big announcements. But she promises that, when another idea arises, the book will “definitely be out there.”

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