J.K. Dobbins fantasy outlook

Yahoo Sports' Matt Harmon breaks down J.K. Dobbins potential role with the Ravens.

Video Transcript

MATT HARMON: Very interesting pick by the Baltimore Ravens to go with running back J.K. Dobbins, here, in the second round. Look, this matters because the Ravens are, of course, one of the most run-heavy, if not the most run-heavy team in the NFL. And this is a talented rookie who's very decisive, gets aggressive when he gets in the line of scrimmage, and makes his decisions very quickly.

I like him as a guy who can fit in as, potentially, a guy who's going to spell Mark Ingram take some carries away from him. I also think he can contribute a little bit in the passing game, and that's definitely something that the Ravens' offense can use more of here in Lamar Jackson's second full season as an NFL starter.

Look, this guy-- if Ingram is to ever get hurt or anything, we're going to be all over him on the waiver wire. I think his long-term stock is very much up, and I want to apologize to the Justice Hills-- the Justice Hill and Gus Edwards truthers out there, because this one probably just ruined your day-- all five of you at least.