Ivy League professor can't figure out mic, abandons students in virtual class: 'Get a refund'

It’s a modern-day version of that rumor everyone spread in college, where if the professor was 15 minutes late, it meant class was canceled.

Sydney Bertschy is a student at Columbia University who, like thousands of students across the world, is trying to adjust to this new virtual learning environment. Bertschy filmed a TikTok of her first day of classes where she was in a Zoom meeting with over 300 other people for a Salsa, Soca and Reggae class.

According to the video, her professor’s microphone wasn’t working — which is crucial for most classes, but especially a music one — and after he got visibly confused about why nobody could hear him, he left the meeting.

Unsure of what to do, the rest of the students stayed in the meeting and wondered if the professor was going to pop back in. In the meantime, however, students took it upon themselves to entertain the room.

One classmate named Vincent played music for everyone as the meeting’s chatbox started going off with requests for “WAP” by Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion. A couple of people even dropped their Instagram handles.

In the corner, Bertschy caught one student tuning in while fully shirtless. In another camera view, someone was “playing with eggs.”

Other students who left on their cameras were seen dancing to whatever music they were playing in their respective rooms.

“And the prof never came back,” Bertschy concluded the video.

“I need Vincent’s playlist ASAP,” one person commented.

“This is why I said remote learning is bad,” another commenter wrote.

“Get a refund girl,” a third added.

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