45 People Who Have A Much, Much, Much, Much, Much, MUCH Better Sense Of Humor Than The Average Person

1.The person who was in charge of choosing how to label these donuts:

labeled as boneless

2.This person who put labels on this porta potty lock:

poop with friends, surprise me, poop alone

3. This person who had very little patience:

Twitter: @invis4yo

4. This person who got too drunk and still tried to be responsible:

Twitter: @adoreanise

5. This dad whose message left their kid kinda gagged:

Twitter: @thandiwilson1

6. This person who gave their pal a nickname:

Twitter: @hourly_shitpost

7.This person who made this almost motivational banner:

we do this not because it's easy but because we thought it would be easy

8.This driver who was honest about their road rage:

do not honk at me my life is worthless i will kill us both

9.This person who brought an air mattress to the airport:

person sleeping on the mattress in the middle of the waiting area

10.This person who accidentally left money in their clothes before washing them:

i laundered some money today, where do i turn myself in

11.This kid who literally did what their parent asked:

cups and plates stacked on top of each to make a tower in the sink

12. This person's brilliant idea:

Twitter: @brendahashtag

13.This Arby's employee who wrote this sign a few days after a car drove into the establishment:

car inside the arbys and the sign says, yes we are open please park outside

14. This person's epiphany:

Twitter: @chrisaileo

15.This person who put these Halloween directions:

skeleton with a wig on the pole and another skeleton with fake money

16. This person's, um, visual storytelling:

Twitter: @bloodberry_tart

17.This mom who locked her kid's Switch:

little locks on the control buttons

18.This person who pranked their brother by wrapping his birthday gift in cement:

block of cement on the counter

19. This person's very, very real observation:

Lion Gates Film / Twitter: @slightwright

20. This person's dumb yet hilarious joke:

Nickelodeon / Twitter: @CoolDotCom__

21.This person who offered someone a little bag of coke at a music festival:

mini coke bottle inside a little baggie

22.This kid who should consider becoming a comic book artist:

snail yelling and a bomb with a timer next to it

23. This person who shared their job search journey:

Twitter: @caithuls

24.This person who gave their child the Nintendo Switch they wanted...kinda:

it looks like a light switch

25.This person who wrote this on their dog's collar:

i'm lost as fuck, my human is now ugly crying please call kelly

26. This person who misread a name tag:

Twitter: @Aliv504

27. This person's photo caption:

Twitter: @harriweinreb

28.The person who created this sign for the graphic design department:

graphic design department is written with poor sizing and font

29.This bartender who made some a sippy cup after they spilled their drink:

saran wrap on top of the glass

30.This kid who told her parent that water was running all over her bathroom floor

water bottles in shoes

31. This boyfriend's use of the English language:

Twitter: @toastydigital

32. This person's PERFECT clapback:

Twitter: @pulchraiaspis

33.This person who thought of this pond decoration:

scary mask inside the water

34.This person who made these cards to be passed out at their funeral:

Photo of the dead person giving the finger, along with "Let's keep in touch!" and a Ouija board saying "Goodbye"

35.This person who created a survey for his roommate's hookups and left it outside his door:

A "Post-Coital Survey" hanging on a door, along with a pen
Close-up of the questions, including "How would you describe your satisfaction with this interaction?"
Close-up of "A handy ruler for reference" with up to 4 inches illustrated

36. This person's very honest answer:

Twitter: @pmrenfro

37.This person who added a warning sign because they kept hitting their head while walking down the stairs:

Photo of a duck at a flight of stairs

38. This person who encountered their arch nemesis:

Twitter: @thatsajellyfish

39. This person who called out Barney's cosmetic work:

PBS / Twitter: @Malibubarbarian

40.This person who made cards to hand out to interviewers for when they ask, "What is your greatest strength?":

Card with "My ability to anticipate" on it

41.This person who put a lock on a tire to prevent the vehicle from moving:

A single tire with a lock in a parking space

42.This person who tried to get their kids to clean their bathroom:

A handwritten note from Mom and Dad dated 1/17 and saying the kids have won $50 for finding it, but the number of days that have passed since that date will be subtracted from the prize

The note says, "Congratulations! You've found this note! If you're reading this you've won $50. But, here's the catch. However many days have passed since the date at the top will be subtracted from the pot. Good luck! Love, Mom and Dad."

43. This hilarious insult:

Twitter: @theeonlyta

44.This person who made some surprising art on the coffee they made for a customer:

A dog pooping outlined in the foam of a cup of coffee

45. And finally, this person who friend-zoned someone:

Twitter: @_mxher