The CIA Museum: Yahoo Takes You Inside the Coolest Museum You'll Never Visit

It’s probably the coolest museum you’ll never be able to visit.

Our friends at Yahoo News got an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at the CIA’s private museum at its headquarters in Langley, Virginia. This museum, open only to CIA analysts and operatives, aims to preserve the institutional memory of the intelligence agency.

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In this fascinating video, you’ll see some of the coolest items in the museum, including Osama bin Laden’s assault rifle and some items related to one of the agency’s most legendary missions: the 1979 rescue of Americans from Iran depicted in the Oscar-winning movie “Argo.”

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This video shoot itself was like a clandestine CIA operation: The Yahoo crew was not allowed to shoot the exterior (a CIA video crew handled that); the video was shot on a Saturday to minimize the chance of outing any key staffers; and the CIA blocked off hallways around the Yahoo crew and obscured the names of some rooms and corridors.

Despite those restrictions, Yahoo News got a great look at the museum. This video will more than suffice for an actual visit for those of us who’ll likely never get within 100 yards of the place. If you ever do manage to get a real-life look at this museum, you’re probably a CIA agent — or should be!

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