It's Like Magic! New Suitcase Expands With the Push of a Button


Fugu luggage transforms from a carry-on to a checked bag with the push of a button. (Fugu/Kickstarter)

Have you ever started packing for a trip but couldn’t decide which bag to use? You have too many clothes for a carry-on, but you don’t need a full-sized bag. What do you do?

Very soon, you might have the option to use Fugu, a revolutionary suitcase that promises to transform from a carry-on to a full-sized bag in seconds. The Fugu suitcase was put on Kickstarter last month, and with nine days left, the designers have already raised $300,000. Their original goal was only $50,000, so the level of interest from backers is something that inventor Isaac Atlas never predicted. “We were really surprised; we didn’t think it would blow up so quickly,” he said. 

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Fugu an be used as a carry-on or a checked bag. (Fugu)

Here’s how it works. Fugu comes as a carry-on that is the maximum size allowed by most airlines. But what if that’s not big enough? No problem. All you have to do is push a button that activates a built-in electric pump, which expands the bag to the maximum size allowed for checked bags. The walls are made of the same material as surfboards are made of, so they are waterproof and shock absorbing to protect your stuff. 

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After going to a travel show last year, Atlas said, he got the idea when he realized that there was no luggage option that could go from a carry-on to a full-sized bag. “No one has been able to solve this common problem,” said Atlas. “We don’t want people to pay extra baggage fees, or travel with an extra suitcase if they don’t need to. We want people to have a choice.”


The Fugu comes with built-in shelves to organize your stuff. (Fugu)

The Fugu has other useful features. It can be used as a portable table, it has a removable laptop case, and it comes with built-in shelves that allow it to be used as a closet so that you don’t have to unpack when you get to your hotel. In addition, the bag has omni wheels that allow it to move easily in any direction.

The Fugu team is working on completing development and plans to send bags to the first group of backers in eight months. Which means that by next fall, you might see the Fugu at an airport near you.

WATCH: Check out the Fugu in action

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