Italian Greyhounds Wearing Matching Crochet Jackets and Hats Are So Fashionable

If you've ever wanted to take up needlework, here may be the inspiration you need! In a video posted on August 30, two gorgeous Italian Greyhounds are shown frolicking in crocheted sweater jackets with matching hats and it's just too adorable.

Check it out and bust out those crochet hooks and yarn!

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The video posted by @Tikatheiggy reads, "This is your sign to get your dog, or dogs, crocheted jackets. With matching hats of course! Nothing says cottage core like a whimsical crocheted jacket, perfect for the end of summer transitioning into autumn."

Italian Greyhounds are such small, delicate dogs that they do get chilled easily. Adults usually weight between seven and eighteen pounds, and they have very thin coats and minimal body fat, so they need to be kept warm in cooler temperatures.Which is why these crocheted jackets are such a cute idea! TikTok users are obsessed with these fashionable pups, and @Strutter comments, "This is also a sign for me to get a crochet jacket for myself apparently because omg so cute." @Morning adds, "Just when I thought you both couldn't get any cuter!" @Luca replies, "Nothing more elegant."

I would love to do this for my own dog, but he's such a derp he'd probably refuse to walk. Yeah, he's that sort of dog, as soon as you put a sweater or hoodie on him he suddenly can no longer walk. It's as if he forgets how to walk as soon as he's wearing clothing.

I also wish I knew how to crochet, but no luck here. I think this is basically a really good hobby to take up in the fall months because needlework is just so cozy!

And sure, my dog may never wear a crochet sweater, so I'll just have to make smaller ones for my cats!

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