'It still works!': This hilarious pregnancy announcement is going viral

Amanda Diesen and Todd Krieg just released what might be the best pregnancy announcement we’ve ever seen.

The hilarious announcement photo features Diesen holding a sonogram photo and Krieg, a paraplegic, sticking his tongue out and giving a thumbs up with the words “It still works!” above him.

But that’s only half the good news. Krieg arranged the pregnancy photoshoot and proposed to Diesen on the same day.

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The pair met at a paralysis recovery centre in California where Diesen was a therapist. Krieg came to the centre in October 2015 after a dirt bike accident paralyzed him from the chest down — and the pair fell in love during rehab.

While Diesen was wary of appearing unprofessional around her “handsome” patient, Krieg was the one who confessed his feelings for the “cute therapist.” Once he was done with his physical treatment, the two packed up and moved across the country back to Krieg’s home in Ohio.

The couple's adorable reaction when they found out they were having a baby boy.
The couple’s adorable reaction when they found out they were having a baby boy.

The couple posted the picture from their double celebration on Reddit with the caption “I hear Reddit likes seeing paraplegics defy the odds…” It’s since gone viral, attracting thousands of comments and shares.

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“Doctors had said it would be nearly impossible to conceive naturally due to Todd’s injury, but here we are, 14 weeks pregnant,” wrote Diesen on a website where the couple are trying to win their dream wedding.

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