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'Issues' Singer Julia Michaels Swaps Seats with Her Makeup Artist | Turn The Beat Around | Cosmo

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'Lie Like This' singer @Julia Michaels is working on a new album and somehow found time to do her makeup artist Rob Scheppy's makeup for Cosmo! Watch more Turn the Beat Around https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oy1GLpRebB0&list=PLrx4fxhgMUOb2eUxJcx-qwyv8PhT6_B25 💄 Julia is pretty good at this, we're next. Thanks! Catch her new single “All Your Exes” out 3/26: https://juliamichaels.lnk.to/allyourexes Love Cosmo? Then come join our ~ elite ~ members-only crew. Sign up for Cosmo Unlocked: cosmopolitan.com/joinnow 🔓

Video Transcript

JULIA MICHAELS: Hey, what's up? I'm Julia Michaels. And I'm here with my amazing makeup artist, Mr. Rob Scheppy here. And normally, he does my makeup. But today, I'm going to do his makeup. [LAUGHS] And today, we are going to recreate the makeup that he created for me, "Lie Like This."


Lie like this, lie like, lie like this.

ROB SCHEPPY: Thank God we look so much alike.

JULIA MICHAELS: Oh, we're so similar.


JULIA MICHAELS: I think we should start-- [LAUGHS] we should start with your ojos. Yeah, good.

ROB SCHEPPY: You're going to massage my face.

JULIA MICHAELS: Oh, OK. OK, so we met in 2018. So I had you test run-- do a little test run before we did Coachella.

ROB SCHEPPY: Yeah, I remember.

JULIA MICHAELS: Which was a whole [BLEEP] show because I had never performed at Coachella before. And I was like horribly nervous. And then I was like, who is this person? But then you were amazing. And it was like-- it turned out awesome.

ROB SCHEPPY: That moment, that was when-- like I knew a couple of your songs. But it was like radio, so I didn't know what you looked like. I kind of didn't put two and two together until you were performing on stage at Coachella. And I was like, wait, I know all these songs. I was like jumping around and so happy.

JULIA MICHAELS: Oh, my gosh. The next day, you were literally singing every single word at my show. It was amazing. And then you've just-- you've been with me ever since. And now we're getting married in the fall of 2021.


JULIA MICHAELS: Remember when you said that, like, when you do my eyebrows, you have like a little hack, where you outline.

ROB SCHEPPY: Oh, OK. So your natural eyebrow is like kind of thinner and just like little hairs. It's pretty, but it's just we like a bold brow right now. But most of the time, you just draw in with a pencil or powder and carve out the shape like that. But because you move around so much when you get your makeup done-- not like me. I'm so still, like this.

JULIA MICHAELS: You're so calm.

ROB SCHEPPY: I map it out with concealer, like, in the negative space. So I draw [LAUGHS] the eyebrow with concealer, but leave out the brow so it's like the opposite of drawing. It's like a stencil-- like I'm making a stencil.

JULIA MICHAELS: Basically, that's what you look like right now.




OK, my favorite look--

ROB SCHEPPY: Wait, my-- wait, your favorite or mine.

JULIA MICHAELS: Well, let's talk about both.

ROB SCHEPPY: Let's talk about my favorite first.


It was actually the video for "Jump." We put so much glitter. And I think I contoured boobs on you.


ROB SCHEPPY: And just like we did this whole kind of-- a lot of makeup. And you were kind of like, oh, this is a lot of makeup. [LAUGHS]


Jump right into your arm. Every time I see you, I just wrap myself around you, yeah.

JULIA MICHAELS: But I loved it.

ROB SCHEPPY: But it was sexy. Because makeup, you just want to feel sexy, right?

JULIA MICHAELS: I loved it. And I loved that my boobs are just like whaaa!

ROB SCHEPPY: But the last one I really liked was your performance for-- what's the show Gwen Stefani's on?


ROB SCHEPPY: And it was like just really pretty.

JULIA MICHAELS: Oh, yeah, when we were standing on the table.

ROB SCHEPPY: Really pretty, and I did like a yellow glitter cut crease.

JULIA MICHAELS: Yeah, I loved that.

ROB SCHEPPY: And nothing else. You were just like bare-faced with like a little mascara. That was, to me, really pretty.


'Cause if you did, baby, I would judge you to.

JULIA MICHAELS: I loved that too-- so much. My favorite's probably from the "Lie Like This" video, when I looked like 60's sort of like fembot.


Head on your shoulder, you keep pulling me--


ROB SCHEPPY: Wait. Did you put the face tape? I want to be snatched.

JULIA MICHAELS: [LAUGHS] Do you have some because I will.

ROB SCHEPPY: Oh, my God. OK, no. I'm just kidding.


ROB SCHEPPY: I feel like you were really snatched in that video for some reason.

JULIA MICHAELS: Well, that's because Scott pulled my face all the way up with his magic tricks. I don't ever look like that. I wish I did because that would be fun. But today, we are doing a sort of like copper-colored eyeshadow. And then, we're going to put a little bit of brown in here.


JULIA MICHAELS: Yeah, like a little brown a little tippy tips. And then, we're going to give Rob a nice sexy red lip because Rob is the epitome of sexy. [LAUGHS]

ROB SCHEPPY: The gems, who I adore.


ROB SCHEPPY: Someone on Instagram messaged me and said does Julia do her own makeup? Is she good at it? And I was like-- well, I have an answer. Do you?

JULIA MICHAELS: Ooh. I do do my own makeup on tour. I don't do it for events because Lord knows I'm not that good.

ROB SCHEPPY: We need to work.


ROB SCHEPPY: The makeup artists need to work.

JULIA MICHAELS: [LAUGHS] I got into a phase when we did "Inner Monologue," where I was basically just slapping glitter and stickers all over my face to like--

ROB SCHEPPY: Which I love.

JULIA MICHAELS: But I mostly did it to just like hide the fact that I can't do my own makeup. But then it became a thing, where like--

ROB SCHEPPY: Is what people think when I do that, when I slap it on?



ROB SCHEPPY: I'm like glitter! Glitter!

JULIA MICHAELS: It's a vibe. I love it. But then it became a thing, where like a bunch of gems started showing up in like glitter and stickers. And it was like amazing, so then we just kept with the theme.

ROB SCHEPPY: This color is from JLo and Inglot.


ROB SCHEPPY: JLo did a collab.

JULIA MICHAELS: From, like, the, Lo of J?

ROB SCHEPPY: She did a collab with Inglot.

JULIA MICHAELS: No, I will not do a makeup line.

ROB SCHEPPY: No? Really?

JULIA MICHAELS: No, I will not.

ROB SCHEPPY: How about stickers?

JULIA MICHAELS: Stickers. Stickers and glitter.

ROB SCHEPPY: I'll help you collab with the glitter.


ROB SCHEPPY: I want to pick all the colors. I am so trained not-- where I want everyone to not talk while I'm doing makeup because everything's moving. So like for me to do it, I feel-- it's almost comical--

JULIA MICHAELS: You're fine.

ROB SCHEPPY: --where I'm like, ha-ha, see how it is?


Is my eyeliner crooked? I wonder why.


I feel like when you get your makeup done, or when you do your own makeup, you take it off before you walk out the door. [LAUGHS]

JULIA MICHAELS: Yeah, I like-- most people that know me, know that I don't like-- I like putting it on. It's fun, and I feel like I'm stepping into a character that I don't normally get to be sometimes. But the minute we're done filming, shooting everything, I'm like all right! I'm done!

ROB SCHEPPY: She's like stripped down, wig on the floor, makeup gone. She's like, do you want these lashes?


I'm like-- I wonder, can I look?

JULIA MICHAELS: No! No, you cannot look.

ROB SCHEPPY: OK. We'll see. Whatever you make me look like is the next makeup you're getting.

JULIA MICHAELS: No! OK, wait. OK. Look up. What's the craziest look you've ever done on me for something? You did my makeup, didn't you, when we did the Staples Center? Didn't you do like a bunch of--


JULIA MICHAELS: --glitter on my face then too?

ROB SCHEPPY: Mm-hmm. I've always loved glitter.

JULIA MICHAELS: Same. Same. Same.

ROB SCHEPPY: I'm just like tacking it all over the place.

JULIA MICHAELS: Same. Yeah, same. Yeah, same. Same. Yeah.

ROB SCHEPPY: I'm attracted to things that sparkle. What's your favorite part when I do your makeup or when you get your makeup done?

JULIA MICHAELS: What's my favorite part? Well, two things-- one is hanging out with you because I love you so very much.


JULIA MICHAELS: Uh-huh. Look up for me.

ROB SCHEPPY: I love you-- oh.

JULIA MICHAELS: And then the other part, I think, for me is just like transforming into someone else a little bit. You know, like, I feel like a lot of people know me as a very non-confident kind of person. And then I feel like I put on makeup, and then it helps me feel like a little bit more confident.

ROB SCHEPPY: I mean, that's the power of makeup right there.

JULIA MICHAELS: I definitely didn't do any of this right. But you know what? Trial and error, my friends. Trial and error.

Should we conceal? Conceal just like-- go.

ROB SCHEPPY: This is your job. I'm not here. I'm not doing it.

JULIA MICHAELS: I hope you're ready to--

ROB SCHEPPY: Do I need that much concealer?



ROB SCHEPPY: I can feel it. I feel it. Do we have a least favorite look?

JULIA MICHAELS: Do we have a least favorite look?


JULIA MICHAELS: I don't think so. Can I think of one? No.

ROB SCHEPPY: No, we don't want to do that. I don't want to be sad. No. [LAUGHS]

JULIA MICHAELS: I really don't think I have a least favorite look though. Like I really don't.

ROB SCHEPPY: Like, OK, you've always played like these characters for work and stage and stuff like that. But like your personal style is so cute. And I love when a stylist really incorporates that, even though we love like a whole new look.

JULIA MICHAELS: (SINGING) A whole new look.

ROB SCHEPPY: Like when it's your personal style, it's like really fun. You know how you look at like JLo, and you're probably like, wow, she probably also dresses like that if she didn't have a team. But like you don't see her in a photo and go, oh, whoops. There's no whoops.


ROB SCHEPPY: But like for you, I see you like in every day, and I'm like, oh, her actual own choices are really cute.

JULIA MICHAELS: Thanks, girl!

ROB SCHEPPY: It's specific style. It's like kind of-- I don't know how to explain it.

JULIA MICHAELS: That's really nice.

ROB SCHEPPY: Like big baggy pants. Like you'd never know that you have such a cute butt.

JULIA MICHAELS: Thanks, girl!

ROB SCHEPPY: Because you like don't show off your body in your own style. You like don't-- you're not like tight clothes.

JULIA MICHAELS: No, not even a little.

ROB SCHEPPY: So when we did "Lie Like This," and we put you-- or Tootie put you in that tight little thing with the thing and leggings, and I was like--

JULIA MICHAELS: Oh, the white and black houndstooth?

ROB SCHEPPY: I was like, now everyone else will get to see--


You actually have a little booty. [LAUGHS] Do I need-- I feel like I need lashes.

JULIA MICHAELS: Yeah. Wait, let's put some blush.

ROB SCHEPPY: Blush is in there.

JULIA MICHAELS: Blush. OK, like maybe like these colors?

ROB SCHEPPY: I know you've been in the studio lately. And I've heard a track or two, but do you want to tell me what's up? Like what's happening?


ROB SCHEPPY: I think that people want to know.

JULIA MICHAELS: The people want to know?

ROB SCHEPPY: I want to know. The people want to know.

JULIA MICHAELS: So I am-- yes, I'm currently working on my first album.

ROB SCHEPPY: What's the title?


ROB SCHEPPY: [GASPS] Oh, you can't tell me?

JULIA MICHAELS: I can't say. It's a lot about love. And there's a little bit about heartbreak, but mostly about love.

ROB SCHEPPY: My favorite thing to-- when you sing about.


So what's like-- right now you love this baking trend. What's your favorite makeup trend.

JULIA MICHAELS: [LAUGHS] If I do do my own makeup-- I cannot believe I'm about to do this to you right now. My sweet baby Jesus, have mercy on my soul. That doesn't even--

ROB SCHEPPY: It's not easy, is it?

JULIA MICHAELS: That doesn't even fit your eyelash?

ROB SCHEPPY: Yeah, it does. Give me a mirror.

JULIA MICHAELS: [LAUGHS] I need to do lipstick.

ROB SCHEPPY: How do you want me to go? Are there any makeup trends that are around right now that you want them to come back so bad. Like I have one.

JULIA MICHAELS: I mean, I think the one that I love the most is probably like the lined lip. I feel like that's not as like in as I want it to be. You know, that sort of like 90s overlined-- probably.

ROB SCHEPPY: I really miss--


ROB SCHEPPY: Oh, see? This is what happens.

JULIA MICHAELS: You have a beard, which makes it even harder.

ROB SCHEPPY: I love a bold brow, but I would love--

JULIA MICHAELS: The thin ones?

ROB SCHEPPY: --to bring back a thin, like Drew Barrymore--


ROB SCHEPPY: Or a Pam Anderson brow. Oh, my God. What's happening to my mouth?


ROB SCHEPPY: Is that a hint to one of your songs? Shh.


ROB SCHEPPY: I love your "shh." Is that clean? Just kidding!


JULIA MICHAELS: I don't think I've been this close to your mouth before. I like it.

ROB SCHEPPY: Wait, the most important part's missing.

JULIA MICHAELS: Which is? Your love for me? Oh!

ROB SCHEPPY: In the picture.

JULIA MICHAELS: Oh, you're so right.

ROB SCHEPPY: Remember? I gave you a beauty mark. I know it's fine. It's gorgeous.

JULIA MICHAELS: No, it's really not. I've ruined it.

ROB SCHEPPY: Remember, whatever you do, I'm going to do to you tomorrow. [LAUGHS] I really should have like shaved for this. You can make it bigger than you think because no one will see it. It is hot in here. I think the sun is burning me.


JULIA MICHAELS: I just got lipstick all over your cheek somehow.

ROB SCHEPPY: It's blush now. I mean, that's a little big.


ROB SCHEPPY: From far away, right? No, just everyone needs to turn around in the room. I promise.

JULIA MICHAELS: Do you have a wig?

ROB SCHEPPY: No. I said turn around.

JULIA MICHAELS: I'm obsessed.

ROB SCHEPPY: OK, does this look like "Lie Like This?" I just wanted it to be kind of--


ROB SCHEPPY: --like the same. Is it OK? No, we look so much alike.

JULIA MICHAELS: You look gorgeous.

ROB SCHEPPY: Don't we? [LAUGHS] Do you guys think we look alike? [LAUGHS] Like, lie like this to me. Please, just lie like this to me. Would you go out with me?

JULIA MICHAELS: Honestly? Yeah, you look kind of hot. [LAUGHS]

ROB SCHEPPY: Thanks for watching.

JULIA MICHAELS: Thank you so much for watching.

ROB SCHEPPY: Thank you for my makeup.

JULIA MICHAELS: Rob, I love you. You're such a trooper. New music coming soon. Make sure to check that out. We'll see you soon.

ROB SCHEPPY: (SINGING) Lie like, lie like this.


ROB SCHEPPY: Are you going to fix my hair too?

JULIA MICHAELS: No. That's not my job. I didn't even put mascara on you.

ROB SCHEPPY: Wait, we need sparkles. I mean, you did OK. But like--

JULIA MICHAELS: [LAUGHS] That's why this is your job and not mine. We're done. Bye.

ROB SCHEPPY: Would you--