Issa Rae Is Just as Confused by Trump's 'Insecure' Twitter Like as You Are

Erica Gonzales
Photo credit: HBO
Photo credit: HBO

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Minor Insecure spoilers ahead.

  • Twitter users noticed that a post about the TV show Insecure is the only tweet liked by President Donald Trump's account.

  • The tweet is a GIF of The Color Purple characters Celie and Nettie playing patty-cake in a field.

  • Issa Rae, the creator and star of the show, reacted to the like with pure confusion.

In the latest installment of Donald Trump Did What on Twitter?, the president liked a tweet about the HBO series Insecure—the only liked tweet on his account—sending Twitter users into a fit of head-scratching. Is he a secret fan of Issa Rae's hit show? How does he feel about Issa and Lawrence? Does he also stan Asian Bae?

The tweet, from user @shiningheaux, includes a GIF of young Celie and Nettie from The Color Purple playing in a field. "This is how I wanted tonight's episode of insecure to end...Damn Molly," the poster wrote, expressing disappointment over Issa (Issa Rae) and Molly's (Yvonne Orji) failed reconciliation at the end of Season 4, Episode 9, which was directed by Kerry Washington and aired on Sunday night.

As screenshots of Trump's like circulated on Twitter, the action eventually came to Rae's attention. And she was just as confused as the rest of the Internet. "What the fuck is this," she replied bluntly when one user tagged her in a post.

Her Lovebirds costar Kumail Nanjiani even chimed in to troll. "Well I found one thing I have in common with [Trump]: we're both big fans of @IssaRae," he tweeted. But Rae swiftly shut down the joke. "Kumail," she wrote with a "Shh! Don't say that" GIF from Nia DaCosta's forthcoming Candyman.

Despite the jokes, it's likely Trump doesn't actually watch Insecure and that the like was an accident. Fast Company also pointed out a theory from user @Dimplez, who posited that @shiningheaux is a bot account and Trump liked one of its tweets so it could receive more followers and seem legit when it later posts pro-Trump news, creating the appearance of support from the Black community. That's quite a lot of work for his social media manager when the president could just start with … not being racist.

At the time of writing, Trump's sole Twitter like remains that Insecure tweet. No matter the reason, users got a kick—albeit nervously—out of the online cosign.

Insecure's Season 4 finale airs next Sunday on HBO.

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