Is This the Newest, Most Ridiculous Air Travel Fee Ever?

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Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse. (Photo: Thinkstock)

We already pay for every little extra when flying — checked bags on most airlines, carry-on bags on Spirit Airlines, early boarding on Delta, meals on JetBlue, blankets on United (if they even get off the ground). We thought we’d heard it all when this guy legally changed his name to avoid paying the airline’s $337 fee to change it on his ticket.

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Now we hope we’ve heard it all with this ridiculous charge: According to USA Today’s, after landing at Edinburgh Airport in Scotland, a teacher accidentally left his laptop in the seat pocket in front of him on the plane. He called the airport to report it and went to pick up the computer the same day — where he was told he could not have it back unless he paid a £20 (about $30) fee.

Yes, as so subtly points out, the man’s personal property was being held hostage. Except you can’t even negotiate terms with these guys.

Edinburgh Airport uses a commercial contractor to return lost items to passengers, and that company, Luggage Point, charges travelers a fee based on the value of the forgotten belonging and how long it’s been left behind — ranging from £5 (about $7.50) for small personal items to £7.50 (about $11.50) for bags all the way up to £50 (about $75) for bigger, more expensive things that have been longer forgotten.


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“I just couldn’t believe it,” the teacher told The Edinburgh Evening News. “What gives Edinburgh Airport the right to take my property and hand it over to a third-party commercial organization, who are then going to extort £20 out of me or more to get it back?”

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But that’s not even the worst part. As the teacher tells it, Luggage Point doesn’t even take care of your goods for the money. “When the woman staffing the counter said they had lots of…laptops, she pulled out this packing crate. They were just all piled in there, rattling around next to each other. There was no putting it in a protective casing. I was so tired, I got the laptop and I walked off, before realizing I’d left my driver’s license on the counter. I went and picked it up, and she said, ‘It’s as well you came straight back, if you’d left it here, it would have been £5.’”

Maybe next the air travel industry will come up with a way to charge you for the luggage they lose for you.

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