Is This the Easiest Way Ever to Get 1,000 Frequent Flyer Miles?

Annie Daly
·Contributing Editor

The airport experience is about to get a lot faster for Alaska Airlines passengers. (Photo: Sean Locke/Stocksy) 

No matter how efficient you are, checking in at the airport takes a lot of time — and now, Alaska Airlines is doing their part to change that. 

On Friday, they announced that they will now offer their passengers the chance to earn up to 1,000 Bonus Miles for simply tagging their own bags before getting to the airport. The program, called Self-Tag Express™, will enable passengers to drop their self-tagged bags off with a customer service agent at a specified location right when they arrive at the airport. The idea is to reward passengers for helping speed up the entire airport process.

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How it will work: Passengers will log onto before their flight, print out their bag tags attach them to their luggage, and leave their luggage with employees at the airport. Alaska Airlines will also provide reusable bag tag holders for its passengers. The tag can either be picked up at the airport, or even mailed ahead of time. 


Time is money—and now, it’s miles, too. (Photo: Alaska Airlines) 

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The program is not yet available in all cities, so be sure to check the website to see if your destination offers the deal. 

“Self-Tag Express™ is one of the many ways we strive to make your travel easy and hassle-free. We are continuing to add available flights and airports, so please check back soon if you don’t see yours available,” Alaska Airlines says on their website. 

You don’t need to have flown Alaska Airlines previously to reap the benefits yourself, either. The mileage plan memberships are free. And one of the best parts? Passengers don’t have to put the miles toward flying; they can also earn credit for eating out, or shopping. 

So, to recap: With this new program, you can save time at the airport and save up some miles for your next trip. Sounds like a win-win to us. 

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