Is This the Best Food in Baseball?


Once Mets fans start chowing down during the team’s home opener Monday at Citi Field, they’ll quickly forgive executive chef Robert Flowers for being a lifelong Cardinals fan.

Out of all the Major League ballpark food we’ve surveyed, and much of it is impressive, Citi Field, under Flowers’ oversight and direction, is among the most inspired of the 2015 season. You can see many of the new dishes in the slideshow above, but we strongly recommend you head to Citi Field and other MLB parks to taste the new lineups for yourself.

Mets fans can still get their dogs, fries, and pretzels. But they’ll also find slow-braised short rib with taleggio cheese and roasted tomato jam on challah brioche from Pressed by Josh Capon; grilled marinated prime skirt steak from celebrated meat purveyor Pat LaFrieda; El Verano Taqueria’s green mole chicken salad in tomatillo, lime and cilantro, with black beans and cotija cheese; creamy homemade mozzarella on the Special Hero from Mama’s of Corona; and vegan pizza from Two Boots.

Capon, co-host of Spike TV’s Frankenfood and the award-winning executive chef behind New York City’s Lure Fishbar (also in Miami), B&B Winepub, and El Toro Blanco, has tested the food at many Major League parks and says Citi Field is leading the pack. When Flowers asked him if he wanted to fill an available concession, Capon answered with one word: “Done.”

“It’s one of the greatest culinary programs in the country,” Capon said “[Flowers] is one of the first to pioneer high-quality ballpark food.”

In his fifth season as Citi Field’s executive chef, Flowers is overseeing menus and creating dishes in line with some of the major trends coming out of America’s kitchens and popular “fine casual” restaurants like Chipotle: whole foods created with fresh, high-quality ingredients sourced from trusted suppliers.

“You have to be on the cutting edge. It’s no longer about cold hotdogs and flat beer,” Flowers said. “Demographically, a lot has changed. The fans still want hot dogs, but they have to be the best Nathan’s hotdogs we can find. We’ll take something average like sausage and peppers and bring it to the next level. We’re pushing the envelope of culinary arts.”

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