Is it cake? Yes, and it's only $20

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Is it cake? Yes, and it's $20. (iStock)
Is it cake? Yes, and it's $20. (iStock)

Rewind to the summer of 2020 and think about how many viral videos you watched during the lockdown. With no place to go, it was easy to spend hours on end falling into the rabbit hole of viral videos. One of the most popular video trends was the hyper-realistic cakes that had everyone wondering “Is it cake?”.

From Crocs to toilet paper, everything was cake, and there was nothing more entertaining than watching a knife cut through these everyday items to reveal that it was, in fact, cake! These videos became so popular Netflix created “Is it Cake?”, a show dedicated to seeing if talented bakers can fool the judges into thinking their cake is not really a cake.

If you loved watching these videos or have recently watched “Is it Cake?” and thought to yourself “I think I can do that”, we have an amazing set of baking tools that will help you get started. Start baking like a pro with this cake pan set on sale for $20 on Amazon.

Let’s Bake

A number of pots and baking implements with a sample picture of a cake.
RFAQK cookware is a lifesaver, and these baking essentials are sure to delight. (Source: Amazon)

$20.90 $29.99 at Amazon

Buying a cake set isn’t going to instantly make you an expert cake decorator—but it's a great start. This cake pan set comes with everything you need to get baking. It includes three different sized pans, parchment paper liners, a cake leveler, different piping tips, piping bags and couplers, a spatula and scrappers—in combination, that's 100 pieces of grade-A cookware.

With their leak-proof design, the nonstick spring pans are just what new or experienced bakers need. Making the cake is just the beginning; decorating it is where you’ll really shine with all the tools this kit includes for you to turn your cake into anything your imagination can muster up.

Start your “Is it cake?” journey today with the this 100-piece cake pan set. Whether you’re an experienced baker or just starting out, this set is what you need. Create your hyper-realistic cake and bring back the viral videos — with you as the star. This 100-piece set is currently on sale for $20 which is an amazing deal. Don’t let this deal go up in flames. Get yours now.