Is Election Stress Causing People to Gain the ‘Trump 15’?

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All the carbs. (Photo: Stocksy)
All the carbs. (Photo: Stocksy)

Stress eating due to political drama? You’re not alone. Whether you’re dreading talking politics with family over the holidays (we’ve got you covered), still dealing with election stress, or just caught up in the news, many Americans — no matter who they voted for — are dealing with the aftershocks of a divisive election.

But just because you might feel out of control in the wake of the election doesn’t mean you have to forfeit control forever (and certainly not for the next four to eight years).

“Many people are feeling some stress after this election. The result was such a big surprise that many Clinton supporters are going through a grieving process. Grief takes a while to process,” Art Markman, PhD, a professor of psychology at the University of Texas, Austin, tells Yahoo Beauty. “It is helpful for people to reach out to others who are feeling the same way to talk and to find a positive outlet for the energy and emotion they are experiencing.”




Markman adds that one great way to help yourself feel better — and put down the Oreos and/or that glass of pinot grigio — is to actively get involved in your community.

“Find a charity, nonprofit, or religious group that shares your values and volunteer,” Markman says. “Help in the community.”

He explains that feeling a connection with others will help strengthen your existing social connections and provide rewarding experiences that will counteract the effects of all the stress, anxiety, and uncertainty so many people are feeling right now.”

And there’s an added benefit too, he notes, especially important as America tries to figure out how to come together after an election that was truly divisive.

Giving back to your local community is “an opportunity to begin to repair some of the factors that led to the anger on both the left and right that characterized many of the voters in this election.”

In other words, want to make America great? Start by investing in making change in your own backyard.

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