Say goodbye to wrinkled clothes with the best irons

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A stainless classic iron
A stainless classic iron

No one likes to wear wrinkled clothes, regardless of the material. Similarly, when your favorite sheets or curtains get creased, you start looking for ways to eliminate that imperfection. Using a garment steamer or any other appliance might sound good, but they won't be very efficient. Some appliances can be hard to maneuver too, while others may damage your fabric. To solve this problem, we have curated a list of the top irons for 2022. These appliances promote even steam distribution as well as easier removal of wrinkles and creases. You can even use their thermostats to alter the heat according to a specific fabric’s needs.

Top Picks

Best overall: Rowenta Professional Iron

A stainless steel steam iron from Rowenta
A stainless steel steam iron from Rowenta

With 400 active steam holes, this professional-style iron distributes stream spray, or a burst of steam, evenly on your clothes both horizontally and vertically. Its stainless-steel soleplate is durable and glides smoothly on a board. Thanks to the precision tip, ironing hard-to-reach areas is no longer an issue. You can increase the steam, or sprayed water, amount using the top two buttons. Underneath there’s also an inlet for an 11-ounce water tank that you can fill with tap water. The transparent-walled water tank helps you see the water level and refill it when it’s time. If this option senses no activity on its sides for 30 seconds, or on its face for eight minutes, it will automatically cut off the power supply for added safety. Thanks to the anti-calcium blocks and an anti-drip feature that prevents stains, we judged this iron as the best overall product on this list.

Key Features:

  • Active, steam-spray holes throughout the plate

  • Power rating: 1725 watts

  • Weight: 3.22 pounds

  • Easy maneuvering

Lightweight design: PurSteam World’s Best Steamers Iron

A 1700W steam iron from PurSteam
A 1700W steam iron from PurSteam

With a chromium-finish, stainless-steel soleplate and axially positioned active steam holes, this iron glides over the different fabrics and removes wrinkles in almost no time. Its rapid, even-heat technology ensures maximum power with lower energy consumption. So, you won't need to spend too much time, or electricity, ironing your clothes. Rotate this option’s thermostat dial to alter the heat according to the fabric you’re ironing. This product features a three-way, automated shut-off mechanism to keep you safe and help prevent accidents. Its anti-calcium system helps further remove calcium blocks and enhances the device’s overall durability. Also, due to its large size, you won’t need to worry about filling the tank as often.

Key Features:

  • Axial-aligned, steam-spray holes

  • Power rating: 1700 watts

  • Weight: 2.2 pounds

Elite design: CHI Steam Iron

A titanium-infused ceramic iron from CHI
A titanium-infused ceramic iron from CHI

This steam iron has a sleek design with a textured grip, giving you maximum control while ironing horizontally and vertically. This option includes a titanium-infused, ceramic soleplate and has more than 300 spray holes that distribute both steam and spray evenly. Its thermostat dial also allows you to set the optimal temperature for a bunch of different fabric types. Slide its top-adjustable steam lever to control the steam. If you want additional steam or spray burst, press the dedicated switch on top of the handle.

Key Features:

  • Distributed, active-steam holes

  • Works at a power rating of 1700 watts

  • Weight: Approximately 2.9 pounds

  • Easy maneuverability

Best performance: Sunbeam Anti-Drip Iron

A non-stick soleplate iron steam from Sunbeam
A non-stick soleplate iron steam from Sunbeam

This iron comes with axially arranged holes that evenly distribute steam over fabric to help remove wrinkles and creases. To add an extra burst of steam or spray, click either of the two buttons on its top handle. A slider lever will help you control the steam, ensuring you can enjoy an easier ironing experience. This option’s anti-drip feature also helps prevent water stains on fabrics at different temperatures. This product features additional security features too, it incorporates a 30-minute, automatic shut-off technology. This helps keep you safe while also optimizing power consumption. This device also comes with a 360-degree, 8-foot long cord, offering you more leverage while ironing. On top of everything, a self-cleaning feature prevents calcium blocks from building up in the water tank.

Key Features:

  • Axially aligned steam holes

  • Power rating: 1700 watts

  • Easier to maneuver

  • Weight: 2.7 pounds

Great value: Black+Decker Classic Steam Iron

A classic steam iron from Black+Decker
A classic steam iron from Black+Decker

You can easily use this iron in dry and wet mode. You need to press the large red button on this option’s top handle to activate the steam spray, letting you remove creases and wrinkles fast. Engineered with seven temperature control levels, you can set the perfect value according to the fabric you’re ironing. This product also features an automatic shut-off system for added safety. This turns off the power supply after 30 seconds, or 8 minutes, once it detects there’s no activity around its face, side, or base. You can easily glide this iron between buttons too, owing to its grooved-soleplate design.

Key Features:

  • V-shaped, steam-hole distribution

  • Power output: 1100 watts

  • Weight: 3.2 pounds

How to find your next iron: A buyer’s guide

An iron has become a necessity for almost everyone. You can use these appliances to make fabrics look more beautiful, and they’re great for everything from removing creases to straightening a wrinkled shirt. But, to be able to do this, you have to find a quality product, which might not be as easy as it sounds. There are so many similar-looking irons on the market, you could easily choose the wrong product. Keeping this in mind, we have explained a couple of factors you should consider when searching for an iron that will meet all your requirements.

Why are irons more useful than garment steamers?

While irons and garment steamers can both remove wrinkles and even out creases from fabric, irons are much more functional devices for this task. In the section below, we will explain why these products outshine garment steamers.

  • You can use an iron to remove wrinkles and creases from different fabrics, you can’t use a garment steamer for multiple fabric types.

  • Irons will help give you extra control while removing creases from your chosen fabric. With garment steamers, it's more difficult to get rid of stubborn fabric folds.

  • You can use an iron’s variable-temperature setting to optimize heat levels. This type of feature is not found in garment steamers.

  • Irons are much easier to maneuver compared to garment steamers.

Key factors to consider when buying an iron

1. Steam holes

The number and arrangement of steam holes determine whether your chosen product can distribute steam, or spray water, evenly. For instance, the number of steam holes varies between 300 to 400 in most irons. The higher the number of active holes, the more efficient the steam distribution will be. You can find irons with two different steam hole arrangements — distributed and axial.

If you want more coverage or steam/spray burst on fabric, It's better to go for an iron with a distributed, steam-hole arrangement. On the other hand, a product with axially arranged steam holes will help prevent damaging fabric with excessive exposure to high heat.

2. Soleplate

A stainless-steel soleplate is common in most irons. They are highly durable, glide smoothly over different fabrics, and ensure faster heat conduction on clothing’s surface. Sometimes, they are coated with regular, or titanium-infused, ceramic to help prevent fabric damage from high heat. A few products use an aluminum soleplate, they are lighter and durable enough to last a long time.

3. Automatic shut-off

For increased safety, most irons feature an automatic shut-off system. If an iron doesn't sense activity for 30 seconds on its face or side, it will automatically cut off the power supply. The same thing will happen if there’s no activity at the base for eight minutes. This way, you won't harm yourself or your fabric if you accidentally leave the iron powered on.

4. Water tank

While choosing an iron, check whether it has a large water tank. If you choose a product with a smaller tank, you’ll need to refill it frequently, which can be inconvenient.

5. Performance

To understand an iron's performance, you should first check how fast it generates heat. 1700-watt and 1725-watt models generate a large quantity of heat, which is great for quicker and more precise ironing. On the other hand, an 1100-watt model’s performance may not match your expectations. You should also check whether your chosen product is capable of vertical ironing or comes with a spray or steam burst function.

How much do irons cost?

The average cost of irons varies between $30.06-$75.18, depending on a bunch of different factors. For instance, if your chosen product has a higher number of steam holes, or a larger water tank, its price will be higher than other models without these features. Similarly, irons with titanium-infused, ceramic soleplates are more expensive than versions made of other materials.

Precautions you should take while using an iron

While using an iron, you should follow these precautionary steps:

  • Do not use an iron if the water level falls below its designated minimum

  • Never hover with an iron over a single spot

  • Set the correct temperature according to your needs and the fabric you’re ironing

People also asked

Q. Do all irons come with long electric cords?

A. No, you only get longer electric cords with a couple of irons. If you want one, make sure to check its length, this can vary between eight and 10 feet.

Q. Can I use tap water with my iron?

A. Yes, you can use tap water with most irons, they usually feature an anti-calcium system. This removes calcium deposits and also enhances a product's durability.

Q. How can I turn off the steamer mode on my iron?

A. When you want to turn off an iron’s steamer mode, slide the top lever to the right or towards the designated marker.