Irish Soda Bread Is The Key To The Perfect St. Patrick's Day Sandwich, According To Jeff Mauro - Exclusive

Jeff Mauro holding his Italian beef sandwich
Jeff Mauro holding his Italian beef sandwich - Jennifer Richmond/Tasting Table
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St. Patrick's Day is right around the corner and that means plenty of green beer and corned beef and cabbage. These are the classic staples that make the holiday so special. But after you find the perfect Irish pub to enjoy that frosty Guinness or Irish coffee, why not use your St. Patrick's leftovers to craft a giant sandwich?

A corned beef sandwich piled high with a ton of coleslaw is definitely the perfect choice, but Jeff Mauro would go a different route. We were lucky enough to speak with The Sandwich King at the recent Los Angeles Wine & Food Festival, and he told us he'd pile his St. Patrick's Day sandwich high with a Guinness-braised beef instead. "Either short rib or even a chuck. And just braise it low and strain it." While you could go with a nice rye or sourdough, why not go all in and serve it on a couple of slices of Irish soda bread? Mauro said a simple Irish soda bread is the real key to the perfect St. Patrick's Day sandwich — "It's just got that density to it" that can stand up to the juiciness of the braised beef.

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Irish Soda Bread Makes A St. Patrick's Day Sandwich Even Better

Irish soda bread with butter
Irish soda bread with butter - Elena Zajchikova/Shutterstock

Irish soda bread comes together quickly — it is made with baking soda instead of yeast. In the U.S., soda bread is often made with raisins or cranberries and is a wonderful side that provides a pop of sweetness to a savory meal. But just because it's commonly made with dried fruit doesn't mean it has to be. Traditionally, soda bread is made without these sweet additions. That's the version Mauro said he'd use for his St. Patrick's Day sandwich.

Mauro wouldn't stop there. He was so inspired that he kept workshopping the idea, and as he continued brainstorming, we started salivating. He said he'd add a little horseradish cream sauce on top to finish it off. While we weren't able to enjoy this delectable St. Patrick's Day sandwich at the Los Angeles Wine & Food Festival, we can make it ourselves soon, and we can't wait.

Stay updated on plans for next year's Los Angeles Wine & Food Festival here. Follow what Jeff Mauro's up to on his Instagram.

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