Irina Shayk's Risqué Leather Dress Divides the Internet

Model Irina Shayk often rocks stunning outfits to red carpet events, but her newest look has fans online divided over whether they love or hate it.

The outfit in question included a very risqué leather ensemble with a low-waisted skirt starting at her hips with a zipper at the front, while the top consisted of two leather bands crisscrossing her chest. Her whole stomach and back were bare.

<p>David M&period; Benett&sol;Max Cisotti&sol;Dave Benett&sol;Getty Images</p>

David M. Benett/Max Cisotti/Dave Benett/Getty Images

Shayk debuted the gown on the Cannes Film Festival red carpet for the premiere of Firebrand (Le Jeu De La Reine), and after photos of her outfit were posted online, people didn't hold back while sharing what they thought of it.

Some people loved the look and praised Shayk, 37, with one fan writing, "the motherquake irina shayk just caused at cannes is reportedly the reason why all dinosaurs were eliminated."

Another felt the same way in the replies, adding, "she served."

A third fan simply used emojis to share their positive feelings.

Someone else echoed what others said, just writing, "MOTHERRRRRRRRRR."

Despite the supporters, there were quite a lot of people who weren't fans of the look, whether it was because they didn't like any of it or they just thought it wasn't suited to Cannes.

"Oh this is so unflattering.... and where's her make up artist i just wanna talk," read one comment.

"Terrible makeup, clothes and hair. She usually looks better than this," said another Twitter user, to which someone replied, "She looks better than this going to pick her child up from school! She's stunning, can't understand these new red carpet looks..."

One fan praised the model's beauty but shared their dislike of the leather outfit: "Her face is stunning her body is insane the necklace is so pretty but whatever it is that she’s wearing is horrible."

A handful of people also said that the outfit looked like something Julia Fox would wear, as she is an actress known for her strange, divisive, and risqué clothing.

Although it's a film festival, Cannes is also a major fashion event, and already this year, people like Natalie PortmanAshley Graham, and now Shayk, donned outfits that got people talking for one reason or another.

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