Irina Shayk's Abs Steal The Spotlight At The 'Nightmare Alley' Premiere

Irina Shayk's Abs Steal The Spotlight At The 'Nightmare Alley' Premiere
  • Irina Shayk stepped out to support ex-boyfriend Bradley Cooper at the Nightmare Alley world premiere. And whoa, she looked beyond fierce.

  • The 35-year-old model wore a deconstructed suit with leather straps that crisscrossed over her tight abs. And I gotta say, her core couldn't have looked fitter.

  • But how to achieve abs like that? Apparently, Irina is big into jiu-jitsu—so much so that she practices at least four times a week when she's not traveling

Irina Shayk supported her ex-boyfriend Bradley Cooper at the premiere of his new movie, Nightmare Alley, and she was clearly not messing around: The 35-year-old model wore a deconstructed Burberry suit with leather straps that crisscrossed over her tight abs, and wowzer!

“D nite of #nightmarealley 🖤in my @burberry @riccardotisci17 🖤💋,” she captioned a series of Instagram pics of the look.

And of course, as expected, people totally freaked out in the comments: “That look is 👏❤️,” photographer German Larkin wrote. “Stunner 🔥,” said fashion stylist Elizabeth Sulcer. “Love 🔥🔥🔥,” chimed makeup artist Sofia Schwarzkopf-Tilbury.

But how does Irina stay so red carpet-ready? She previously told Women's Health that she just can't with running “I hate traditional cardio,” she said. “Running is my worst nightmare, so I’ve had to find something I enjoy that gets me all the calorie-burning benefits of cardio without boring me to death.”

So, naturally, she turned to something a little more intense: jiu-jitsu. “It’s great,” Irina said. “Because there’s so many possible move combinations, it’s brilliant for constantly challenging my body and pushing it to exhaustion every time.”

Irina is so into jiu-jitsu that she does it around four times a week. But she’s also into barre exercises. “If I’m traveling, I try to work out in my hotel room or at work during breaks, focusing on simple barre moves that don’t need any equipment and really work my arms and bum,” she said.

Irina shared those moves with Vogueand they’re a series of exercises that’ll definitely make your muscles burn. Think: angled planks, tricep dips, and single-leg squats.

As for her diet, Irina told WH that she likes filling foods. “I'm from Russia, so I've been brought up on hearty food like meat and dumplings and potato stews in big warming portions,” she said. But, if she has a big photoshoot or fashion show coming up, she’ll switch to soups and salads.

Irina isn’t all work and no play, though: She told W magazine that she’s really into cake. “I trying to stay away from coffee because I think it makes you so dry, especially in the winter,” she said. “When I wake up, I have a hot glass of water and with lemon, and one cup of coffee, and definitely some cake."

I'll have whatever she's having! Yum!

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