Ireland Baldwin's Dad and Uncle Are Not Pleased with Her Latest Nude Photo

Isabel Jones

It looks like someone is having difficulty accepting the passage of time …

Though Ireland Baldwin’s now a 23-year-old model and influencer, it seems dad Alec (and Uncle Billy) still sees her as his little girl.

Ireland posted a photo from the balcony of one of N.Y.C.’s SIXTY Hotels locations, but it wasn’t the city’s picturesque skyline that caught fans’ attention. In the shot, Baldwin is facing out toward the Manhattan view wearing just a towel for her wet hair, a G-string thong, and black stiletto heels.

Billy Baldwin commented on the photo first, writing, “Tough one for Uncle Billy to ‘like.’ #awkward <3.” Well, considering the photo has nearly 26,000 likes so far, Ireland probably isn’t missing her Uncle’s double-tap too much.

Alec Baldwin commented soon after his little brother, writing, “I’m sorry. What?”

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Our eyes are peeled for Stephen and Daniel’s reactions, of course, but in the meantime we have a message for Billy, Alec, and anyone else who objects to Ireland’s photo: Get over it!