Iowa women’s basketball player Caitlin Clark hailed as ‘electrifying’ after making NCAA history

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Iowa Hawkeyes’ point guard Caitlin Clark has made history after becoming the first college basketball player in an NCAA tournament to record a 40-point triple-double in a single game.

The 21-year-old forward broke the record during Sunday night’s game against Louisville, as Iowa defeated Louisville 97-83 to advance them to the Women’s Final Four. In just one game, Clark finished with 41 points, 12 assists and 10 rebounds, becoming the first Division I college basketball player in NCAA history to accomplish the feat, according to the Washington Post.

She also became the first player in Division I history to record 900+ points and 300+ assists in a single season, per The Sporting News. This marks Iowa’s first advancement to the Final Four since 1993. To celebrate the record-breaking moment, Clark took a page out of former WWE wrestler John Cena’s book when she performed his signature “You can’t see me” hand wave during Sunday night’s game.

After Caitlin Clark made history as the first Division I basketball player in NCAA history to achieve a 40-point triple-double, fans took to social media to sing their praises for the college basketball star.

On Instagram, ESPN and SportsCenter posted a picture of Clark alongside her jaw-dropping stats from the game. “CAITLIN CLARK WITH THE FIRST-EVER 40-PT TRIPLE DOUBLE IN MEN’S OR WOMEN’S NCAA TOURNAMENT HISTORY,” they captioned the post.

In the comments section, rapper Travis Scott celebrated Clark’s achievement when he wrote: “CCC. Big Clark. Deuce Deuce”

“She’ll be the greatest WNBA player ever,” read another comment.

“One of the most electrifying athletes in the world rn [right now],” said someone else. “I fr [for real] been watching Iowa games this year just to see her.”

“She is a dope player,” said another fan.

Meanwhile on Twitter, one person said: “No one’s had a 40 point triple double. Period. Including men. If you’re gonna give her her flowers give her all of them.”

The Iowa Hawkeyes will face off against the winner of Monday night’s Elite Eight game – South Carolina vs Maryland – in Friday’s Final Four, as part of the NCAA’s March Madness tournament.