Should You Update to iOS 13? Here Are Some Things to Consider

Apple isn’t just releasing new, colorful iPhones with cool new features. It’s also time for Apple users to get a massive software update.

According to Forbes, the Apple iOS 13 update was released on Sept. 19, and with it came a lot of interesting changes. Some are really great, and some may leave a lot to be desired. Unfortunately, anyone who has an iPhone older than an SE or 6S won’t be able to experience the update.

Some of the more disappointing bugs and glitches that are being reported seem to be related to performance and app crashes, as well as problems with the Mail, Reminders, and Photos apps and cell signal. For the most part, Forbes recommends not updating your phone until these bugs are fixed.

However, many bugs and glitches will be, presumably, fixed with the latest version, iOS 13.1, which was released on Wednesday, Sept. 24. So anyone who can’t wait for an update may feel a little more peace of mind. There are a number of long-awaited changes that will make some Apple users very happy.

According to Forbes, some of the best perks that will come with the new iOS 13 include a system-wide dark mode, which can help conserve battery (and probably your eyes), a new interface and capabilities in the Reminders app, an option to sign into apps with your Apple ID (with two-factor authentication as well), a more natural Siri voice, and perhaps one of the best new updates, especially for former Android users, is a more convenient “swipe to text” feature on the Apple keyboard.

In addition, Apple Maps is rolling out better coverage, more precise addresses, and better data for pedestrians, according to Forbes. Who hasn’t twirled around on a street corner, trying to figure out which direction to walk, after all? The app will also have options to share your favorite places with friends, save your frequently used routes, and its own version of Google Street View, according to Forbes.

The new update will also offer users better control over which apps they want to allow background location tracking. Find My iPhone and Find My Friends is getting souped up as well, combining the two features into one app that can track devices even if they’re offline using Bluetooth (depending on your model). Travelers rejoice if you've ever left your phone in an airport bathroom.

The update also includes new camera features like filters and portrait lighting and audio sharing for AirPods and Beats headphones users, which is perfect for travelers who want to watch a movie or TV show, or listen to music together on their devices in flight as well as any iPhone photographers out there. There are also new trackers for the Health app, animated emoji using the Stickers function, and the ability to download apps over the LTE network.

Even if all the bugs are not fixed with the iOS 13.1 update, there are more fixes planned to roll out in the coming weeks, Forbes reported. If you’re itching to take that leap into iOS 13, you may have plenty of tempting perks to show for it.

To see all of the features from iOS 13, visit the Apple website.