Invest In a Money Tree Without Breaking the Bank with This Deal at Aldi

For just $9, these trees are perfect for a housewarming gift or to brighten up your own space. But hurry—the sale is only while supplies last.

Money doesn’t grow on trees—but if they did, money trees would be a close second. This week’s featured deal at Aldi allows you to invest in your own for an unbeatable price.

A five-inch money tree at Aldi is currently available for $9, from now until August 29. You may want to act fast next time you make a grocery run, because the deal is only around while supplies last. Keep your eyes peeled around the floral bouquets near the checkout lines at the store, and you should find them hiding out in gray or orange pots.

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Money trees (scientific name Pachira aquatica or Pachira glabra, depending on the specific type) are not what you would typically describe when you think of a tree. Also known as money plants or water chestnuts, these plants have distinctive green leaves and a braided trunk, and they can grow up to 6 to 8 feet high and 2 to 3 feet wide.

They're also practically made for beginner gardeners. Money trees are ideal for busy plant parents, as they're pretty low maintenance: They thrive off of medium to bright indirect light, general purpose potting mix, and you only need to worry about watering them every 1 to 2 weeks. They don’t even require frequent pruning or grooming.

Originally from Central and South America, the temperature should not dip below 65 degrees in your home, and, of course, make sure that your pot has drainage holes so you can avoid root rot. If they do get root-bound, don’t fret—money trees are easy to repot.

Rumor has it that these plants bring good fortune, too. According to lore, a poor farmer sold Pachira plants and had such great luck with the endeavor that he gave them the nickname of “good fortune” or “good luck money trees”—and the name has stuck ever since. Some people believe the reason their trunks are braided is to lock all of that luck in. The backstory and message make money trees excellent housewarming gifts. The plants typically go for at least $20, so for Aldi's price, it’s a deal definitely worth taking advantage of.

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