Inukshuk: Has the Dog Food Brand Issued a Recall in 2024?

Two dogs eating their food, Inukshuk dog food has not faced a recall in 2024.
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When it comes to pet food, it’s natural for owners to worry about possible recalls and their impact on our beloved pets. As all of the top brands have been facing scrutiny in 2024, dog owners might want to know the food recall history of the Inukshuk brand. Delving into the discourse surrounding Inukshuk’s recall status, pet owners can find some answers to questions about their dogs’ nutrition safety.

Has Inukshuk recalled its dog food in 2024?

Thankfully, there have been no recalls linked to Inukshuk dog food throughout 2024. Moreover, there are no recent reports suggesting any adverse effects or illnesses in dogs associated with the brand’s products. This assurance allows dog owners to provide their pets with Inukshuk’s food with confidence.

Nevertheless, it is essential not to accept this information blindly. It’s advised that owners visit the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) website to gather additional insights regarding food recalls.

When was the last Inukshuk dog food recall?

Inukshuk dog food has never faced a recall.

The primary ingredient in this dog food is chicken meal, also called meat concentrate. It packs nearly 300% more protein than fresh chicken. Chicken fat follows a chicken meal, which is extracted through a rendering process that’s akin to skimming fat off soup. It is rich in linoleic acid, an essential omega-6 fatty acid crucial for a dog’s health.

Despite its unappealing name, chicken fat stands as a quality ingredient in terms of nutritional value. Next in line is fish meal, another protein-rich meat concentrate sourced from clean, dried, and ground tissue of undecomposed whole fish and fish cuttings from commercial fish operations.

However, the inclusion of corn as the fourth ingredient sparks controversy due to its low nutritional value beyond energy content. This led us to deem it less desirable in any dog food formulation.

Based solely on its ingredients, Inukshuk Dog Food appears to be a standard dry product. The analysis reveals a dry matter protein content of 33%, a fat level of 28%, and an estimated carbohydrate content of approximately 31%.

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