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Intimate Care Brand Hygiene Hero Deals for $50 or Less During Amazon’s Spring Sale

Products from intimate wellness brand Hygiene Hero, who is participating in the Big Spring Sale at Amazon.
Get these Hygiene Hero products and more at a discount during the Big Spring Sale!

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Looking for "down there" care? Hygiene Hero is a safe and effective natural wellness brand offering women's intimate care products including those for women entering menopause. The brand is participating in Amazon's Big Spring Sale, which is happening now through March 25. You won't want to miss these deals on intimate care products like Private Bars, plus deodorant and more. See what you can get for $50 or less from Hygiene Hero during the Big Spring Sale.

Hygiene Hero Products 20% OFF During Amazon's Big Spring Sale

Perfect Pause Private Bar

Soap for Menopausal Women

Buy from Amazon, $19

An all-natural, facial-grade gentle cleanser, specifically designed to cleanse, soothe, and protect menopausal women’s most delicate areas. Derived from 100% natural plant oils with no artificial fragrances, this bar uses lavender, geranium flower, and eucalyptus for a mood-lifting, calming scent.

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Perfect Pause VV Oil

Oil for Dryness and Bumps

Buy from Amazon, $46

During menopause, normal moisturizers just won’t cut  and declining estrogen levels can leave your skin dry as the desert, but Perfect Pause V.V. Oil can bring your vulva back to life. Thanks to its hydrating properties, Perfect Pause V.V. Oil soothes itchy dry skin, calms irritation, and helps reduce bumps.

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Hygiene Hero Products 15% OFF During Amazon's Big Spring Sale

Cranberry Private Bar

Yoni Soap Bar for Genitals

Buy from Amazon, $17

An all-natural facial-grade soap bar designed to clean from head to toe! Gently cleans the delicate skin on your face, arm pits, or vulva, resurfaces radiant skin, reduces bumps and ingrown hairs, and more.

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Oatmeal Private Bar

Yoni Soap Bar for Genitals

Buy from Amazon, $17

This all-natural facial-grade soap bar is designed to gently clean, soothe and protect the delicate skin around your vulva–even after shaving! Oatmeal moisturizes and removes dead skin cells with mild pH that helps cool down: perfect and gentle enough for daily use.

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Calming Triangle Private Bar

Hydrating Soap

Buy from Amazon, $17

An all-natural facial-grade soap bar hydrates skin, reduces bumps and ingrown hair. It enhances your natural pH to help reduce irritation and redness. The unscented formula is perfect for sensitive skin in arm pit and the pubic area even after hair removal.

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Hygiene Hero Products 12% OFF During Amazon's Big Spring Sale

Super Deo

Natural Deodorant for Women

Buy from Amazon, $16

Crafted with a postbiotic blend and a full body formula, Super Deo brings balance to your microbiome and inhibits odor-causing bacteria. This skin brightening, long-lasting, whole-body solution elevates your self-care to the next level. Glide it on your inner thighs, private area, bra line and beyond to ease chafing and irritation, or simply dab on wrists as a luxurious, skin-safe scent. Super Deo slides on skin like a clear shield—NO streaks or white marks left behind.

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