Internet rips into $2,200 purse that looks like literal garbage: 'I laughed out loud'

Katie Mather
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A purse by Italian fashion house Bottega Veneta might look very familiar — particularly to dog owners.

The luxury brand featured the BV Twist clutch on the runway in Milan, but nobody seemed to point out that the purse, which retails at $2,200, looks exactly like a used dog waste bag.

Credit: Getty / Bottega Veneta
Credit: Getty / Bottega Veneta

The brand describes the purse as a “soft clutch with a knotted handle in woven leather” that is opened through a zip lining at the bottom of the bag.

“I was browsing online joking about the cost of designer bags — and nearly spat out my tea when I saw this one that was pricey and ridiculous,” shopper Andrea Smith told The Sun. “I am a dog owner myself so spend a lot of time down the dog park. When I saw the model with Bottega Veneta bag on her hand I laughed out loud.”

Daniel Lee took over as Creative Director for Bottega Veneta in July 2018 and launched the clutch design around December 2019. The purse came in bright orange and was hailed as another example of Lee’s innovative designs.

While jury is still out on whether the darker shades of the BV Twist are too embarrassing to buy, Lee and Bottega Veneta have bigger fish to fry. The label’s most popular item, The Pouch, prompted waitlists all over the world as it became high fashion’s new “It Bag.” The Pouch retails at $2,700.

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