Internet Reacts After New Mom Trisha Paytas Reveals Newborn Baby's Name

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The popular YouTuber and her husband welcomed their first child–a beautiful baby girl–yesterday.

Internet sensation Trisha Paytas is officially a mom

The popular YouTuber announced that she and her husband, Israeli artist Moses Hacmon, welcomed an adorable baby girl to their family yesterday, Sept. 14. 

In a series of new images that the 34-year-old shared on Twitter earlier this afternoon, Paytas can be seen smiling and snuggling up to her sweet bundle of joy in matching pink strawberry-print outfits from the comfort of none other than a hospital bed. 

Unfortunately, the precious mother-daughter photoshoot was overshadowed by harsh online chatter critical of what Paytas and Hacmon decided to name the little cutie. 

The first-time mom revealed the newborn's name in the caption, writing, "She has arrived. Malibu Barbie Paytas-Hacmon."

Soon after Paytas unveiled her family's new addition, "Malibu Barbie" began trending on Twitter as strangers rudely ridiculed the couple for their choice.

"trisha paytas didn’t just name her daughter malibu barbie" one person begrudgingly tweeted. 

"I don’t know which is the most wild thing that happened today," Canada's Drag Race star Miss Fiercalicious prompted, "The saboteur winning Miss Congeniality or Trisha Paytas naming her baby Malibu Barbie."

Another imagined what the fictional character would think and even included a photo of the Mattel doll for added humor. 

"President Barbie has congratulated Trisha Paytas on her newborn baby, Malibu Barbie Paytas-Hacman," they sneered. "The President said earlier this morning at a press conference, 'We’ve been waiting for this day for a long time. Today is a day for celebration.'"

Others rushed to the new parents' defense, reminding bitter online bullies that opinions don't always need to be shared and empathizing with the couple. 

"Y’all Malibu is a cute name and y’all forgetting she lives in California like pls the kids aren’t gonna bully her cause another kid is gonna be named Sparrow or Leaf or Birch LIKE PLSSSSS," one pleaded.

"i actually think malibu barbie is a much better name than mackenzleigh or ampyrsand or xÆ12 or whatever else ppl are naming their kids these days," a sarcastic fan wrote, mocking the infamous name of one of the children Tesla CEO Elon Musk shares with ex Grimes.

Another called anyone who hated the name "boring." 

Some also suggested that the newborn is Queen Elizabeth II reincarnated–part of a larger conspiracy started by online fans after the news of Her Majesty's passing coincidentally coincided with the time when Paytas' baby was due. 

"I’m sorry but the Queen of England getting reincarnated as an Israeli named Malibu Barbie is the funniest thing that’s happened in 2022 so far," one user quipped. 

"I see it!!!!!," shouted someone else.

The memes didn't stop there and it doesn't look like they will anytime soon—which, to each their own; but people seem to forget an innocent baby is at the center of all of this. So, for the family's sake, let's hope they're a little too busy with their newborn to keep up with the haters. 

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