The Internet Is Obsessing Over Gigi Hadid's Rainbow Pasta Cabinets

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Photo credit: Gigi Hadid / Instagram
Photo credit: Gigi Hadid / Instagram

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Over the weekend, supermodel Gigi Hadid debuted a groundbreaking new look: her NYC apartment. Via Instagram, the 25-year-old fashion icon shared some shots of her colorful, eye-catching interiors that she had been working on with Gordon Kahn. As it turns out, she's a total maximalist (like bestie Taylor Swift) with a design style that is quite—er—outside the box.

"Spent all of last year designing and curating my passion project / dream spot," the mama-to-be captioned her 10-photo post. With each photo, we get a look into her bold, colorful, and very much one-of-a-kind apartment.

You'll find the living room gives off boho-chic vibes, while the staircase nods to the pop art era. One of her bathrooms looks like it was taken from a Spanish Mediterranean villa, while the other is wallpapered with iconic New Yorker covers. Inside her kitchen, a large fruit bowl holds an assortment of billiards balls while dyed pasta (yes) adorns her glass kitchen cabinet doors. Think of the macaroni art projects you used to make in school, adapted to high-end cabinetry.

Photo credit: Gigi Hadid / Instagram
Photo credit: Gigi Hadid / Instagram

Other oddities of the crib include the yellow ballpoint pen sculpture right outside the bathroom and what looks like a vintage pickup truck door hanging on one wall. The apartment runs the gamut in terms of style, with some areas giving off vintage ranch vibes, while others scream colorful bohemian. Suffice it to say, the internet's opinion on her decor is as mixed as the styles inside it.

Given the fact that her mother Yolanda Foster's over-the-top fridge (seen on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in 2015) went so viral it earned its very own Twitter account, @YolandasFridge, it seems statement-making decor may just run in the family.

Hadid gave her mother a shoutout in her caption for all her help, which means Foster definitely played a role in helping curate this colorful fantasy land. Perhaps defying the norm through design is their thing. Either way, you sure don't see apartments like this everyday.

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