Internet Finds the Couple in This Gorgeous Engagement Photo

An engagement was captured and posted to Reddit by the photographer in hopes of finding the couple featured. (Photo: JTRAN1/Reddit)
A proposal was captured and posted to Reddit by the photographer in hopes of finding the couple. (Photo: JTRAN1/Reddit)

A romantic proposal in Brooklyn Bridge Park last Saturday was captured in a stunning shot by an amateur photographer, who later posted the image to Reddit in hopes of finding the couple. To his surprise, it worked.

“To the newly engaged couple — I hope this picture finds you! Congratulations!” user James Tran posted alongside the image of a man and woman standing in a candle- and flower-outlined heart, mid-proposal.

The man featured in the sweet image was sent a link to the Reddit post, and he replied, “I cant believe this! This is my engagement! I can’t wait to show her this thank you reddit! To the photographer: can you send this in full resolution? Do you have any others?”

The two then established communication, and after they verified their identities, JTran1 said he would be in contact with the couple to offer more photos.

We contacted Tran via Reddit, and he told us, “This was all by chance — just a right time right place scenario. The man in the photo seemed pretty astonished, by his comments on Reddit. I was able to verify his fiancée via email, and sent a her a couple more pictures I had. Afterwards, I haven’t been contacted by them.”

Many questioned how JTran1 was able to capture the image, so he offered a complete explanation of his whereabouts and what let him to the scene of the engagement.

“I was walking through the park with my DSLR last weekend, while it was snowing, and saw a bunch of people gathered. As I got closer to investigate, I saw that they had set up an aisle with candles on each side, with people lined out on both sides with roses. Obviously, I hung around since this was clearly about to be a proposal,” he wrote. “About two minutes later, a friend brought her, and as she walked down the aisle, everyone gave her a single rose. After she said yes, the friend and family exchanged hugs/kisses and obligatory congratulations. The couple seemed preoccupied so I left without getting an email address.”

Still, many users questioned the authenticity of the moment and suggested it was staged. However, JTran1 claims he was just a passerby.

“There were also a good amount of people there who were all just caught up in the excitement of the moment, so it was easy not to notice me,” he wrote. “I felt kind of weird as a stranger just being there, so I didn’t stick around to get their information.” He also commented that after the proposal, it seemed like an emotional moment.

Reddit users, never ones to skip the chance to make a joke, had some fun comments as well.

“Well it isn’t me. So one down,” one wrote. Another responded, “6,999,999,999 more people to go,” joking about the population of N.Y.C.

Another wrote, “So I wonder how the convo went afterwards. ‘Babe I’m so glad you said yes. Now will you carry this table to the car?’’’

Tran also apologized to the couple for sharing the image if they had been trying to keep the moment private — which, fortunately, didn’t seem to be the case!

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