Internet Famous Corgi Relishes in His Role as Big Brother to New Sister

Internet famous Corgi Hammy is a very opiniated, stubborn 'talking' dog who is one of my favorite celebs to watch on TikTok. Back in November, Hammy's dad announced the unexpected passing of Hammy's sister, Olivia. People were heartbroken, and things just weren't the same without her. Earlier in May, Hammy's dad announced that they were getting a new puppy, and we were all excited to meet her!

The puppy, who they named Fiona, was welcomed home in mid-May. She is absolutely adorable, and dad has admitted that she already rules the roost now. They shared a video on Thursday, May 23rd of Hammy teaching his little sister all she needs to know, and it's the cutest thing you'll see today. I love that she follows him everywhere!

I'm so happy for Hammy who is already a great big brother! It seems like he's going to have his hands full with Fiona - she's a feisty one! Fans of Hammy left well over a thousand comments about the adorable video. @Han pointed out, "Hammy always clingy to Olivia. Now Fiona is clingy to Hammy." and @Johannie added, "Olivia is smiling for sure!! Hammy and Fiona are adorable!" @Valari Stein-Simonet asked what we were all wondering, "AM I THE ONLY ONE WAITING FOR FIONA'S VOICE?" I can't wait to hear her talk!

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Tips for Bringing Home a New Puppy

Adding a new puppy to the family is an exciting time, but it's also a lot of work! There's a lot that you need to teach them so that you don't end up with a monster as they get older. The most important thing to do is to get the puppy socialized right away. Another Pet Helpful article says, "Puppies must be taken everywhere imaginable and exposed to people of all ages and walks of life. They should also be exposed to various environments other than their home—this means taking the puppy out on walks and car rides." The more places you can take your puppy, the better. And since Fiona has a big brother to look up to, socializing her with other dogs will be easier.

Potty training right away is also a must. This just might be the most frustrating part of having a puppy, but if you are patient and consistent, most puppies catch on pretty quickly. Learn to recognize the signs of a puppy who needs to go potty and immediately take them outside or to their pee pad to do their business. Treats are always a helpful incentive to go, too! We take our pup out and every time she goes to the bathroom we say, "Go potty outside". She potties on command now...well, most of the time anyways.

Next up, it's time to get training. Start by teaching your puppy basic commands that all dogs should know like sit, down, stay, etc. Use lots of treats and positive reinforcement - it's the most recommended training method around. I'm sure that Hammy's having fun helping with the training, too!

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