Internet-Famous Corgi Helps Mom Announce Pregnancy in the Cutest Way

Women come up with some pretty creative ways to announce a pregnancy, and this one is no exception...especially if you treat your dog like your first baby! @madmax_fluffyroad (AKA Maxine) helped her mom tell her dad last week that a baby was on its way, and she does it in the cutest way possible!

The video starts with Maxine's dad explaining that they play fetch with Max every day. Mom throws the toy for Max to fetch, and she brings it back to dad for a treat...and repeat. But on this day, mom throws a pregnancy test (dad didn't know) and Max brings it to dad for a treat but doesn't want to give it to him!

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Isn't that so sweet? Mom was pretty clever with her pregnancy announcement, and it looks like Max was happy to be a part of delivering the news to dad. And it was on dad's birthday! No further details yet on when the baby will make its arrival, but I think we all know that Max will be a great big sister!

Fans were excited to hear the news. Of course, there were a ton of people who simply said congratulations, while others had a bit more to say. @AllyBishop said, "Time to get another backpack! Congrats Maxine and Maxine's Humans!" @Molly Rossman shared, "The best pregnancy announcement I have ever seen!! Congrats!"

Parents look forward to introducing their dog to the new baby. I know we brought home a blanket from the hospital that our son had slept in and gave it to our dog before bringing home baby. Make sure to keep a close eye on the dog around the baby, and never leave them alone together. They'll soon be BFFs!

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