The Internet Is Destroying Ridiculous 'Madame Web' Trailer

Sony Pictures

The first trailer for Madame Web dropped yesterday, showcasing a wacky superhero story with four Spider-powered women, fighting against some sort of evil not-Spider-Man.

We say “not-Spider-Man” because Madame Web is another one of Sony’s spin-off Spider-Man movies, which focus on characters from Spider-Man comics but are not allowed to show the real Spider-Man. Because he’s off in the MCU, doing his own thing quite successfully, thank you very much.

The Madame Web trailer doesn’t hold back - throwing the entire plot, the abilities of Dakota Johnson’s Cassandra Webb, her backstory, how she gained her powers, and a look at the villain into a three minute segment that’s quite breathtaking.

We learn that Webb has the ability to see the future, as does evil not-Spider-Man, there’s a glimpse of Sidney Sweeny’s Spider-Woman in costume, a possible Spider-Girl, and also another Spider-lady complete with proper spider legs. It’s a lot.

But the thing that’s got the internet chuckling is one particular line that screams backstory. When asked how Web seemingly recognises the villain, she drops her character’s history with a clang: “He was in the Amazon with my mom, when she was researching spiders, right before she died.”

And with that, the internet does its thing — memes.

Madame Web might seem like an easy target considering the form of previous Spider-Man spin-off movies.

Venom and its sequel are wacky but have proven weirdly endearing enough that a third movie is on the way. Morbius was so bad it was widely mocked online, causing Sony to re-release it to try and cash-in. The forthcoming Kraven the Hunter has generated zero buzz, despite teasing a look at another Spider-Man foe, Rhino.

So it stands to reason that another title in the Spider-Man series that doesn’t feature Spider-Man is going to get a kicking from the internet too. It’s a shame that these releases get targeted before they’ve had a chance to prove themselves. But then they go and include “He was in the Amazon with my mom, when she was researching spiders, right before she died,” so who’s really to blame?