Internet Appalled After Protestor Posing as Model Violently Yanked From Runway

New York Fashion Week is underway, and the highly-publicized biannual event is already making headlines.

The Coach Spring Ready to Wear 2024 runway show on Thursday, Sept. 7, got some unexpected action, and many social media users are expressing their disapproval with how the unpredictable situation was handled.

Mid-presentation, the show was interrupted when PETA protestors crashed the scene, posing as models and strutting down the catwalk with a sign (and body paint) that read "Coach: Leather Kills"—a decidedly bold statement at a function where a collection of leather designs were being showcased.

As the women walked around the venue, security nearly tackled one of the protestors, dragging her off of the scene in captured video footage from the event.

In the clip, Jennifer Lopez can be seen sitting front row in between famed Vogue editor-in-chief, Anna Wintour, and British Vogue helm and future global creative and cultural advisor of the brand's American publication, Edward Enninful.

Although a disturbance for attendees, several people felt the force used to remove the uninvited guest was "unnecessary," and promptly took to the comment section of a post by The Cut to express their disdain with the now-viral moment.

"That was intense," one noticed, while another asked, "Why so aggressive?"

"That was unnecessary power usage on her," a third insisted, as a fourth added, "OMG - I can't believe how violently the Coach employee grabbed the peaceful protester. WTH?"

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Someone else's passionate top-liked comment read: "The person that grabbed her needs to revaluate themselves. Grabbing anyone like that when they are clearly of no physical threat to anyone is completing uncalled for. It’s a f*****g fashion show, calm down. Im [sic] a huge fan of haute couture and fashion but gripping somebody up like that is ridiculous."

The vegan protestor, herself, Jamie Logan, even identified herself by chiming into the conversation in the comment section, sarcastically writing, "Thank you @coach for having us. We had a grand time." She then directly responded to a separate reply comment from someone dubbing her "THE model of the night" with, "I was waiting for my invitation back in after they threw my ass out so violently."

Meanwhile, animal rights advocates popped in with their adoration for the dedication to the cause displayed.

"Cows need their skin! @coach, please stop using the skin that’s ripped off of animals! Thank you, bold activists for taking action! 👏🏼👏🏼," one supporter said, and another echoed that sentiment with, "Someone’s has to be a voice for the voiceless."

On the other hand, some dropped their opposing opinions on the matter. "Yes guys, the truth is.. she really deserved that, wether [sic] you like it or not.. She doesn’t have the rights to just ruin someone or company’s project. Periodt [sic]. Her behavior is near psychological issues," one person said.

"lol 'vegan leather' is so bad for the environment," another added, while a third exclaimed, "Take that s**t outside!" in part.

Elsewhere in the comments, the official account of PETA stood by the action, confirming, "We’ll bring it to the runway as long as brands like @Coach keep profiting off cruelty to cows & other animals who are killed for leather."

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