International Delight Is Releasing "Elf"-Inspired Coffee Creamers This Holiday Season

Kelly Allen

From Delish

It may still be July, but staple coffee creamer brands are already gearing up for the holiday season. International Delight is coming to the table this year with brand new Elf-inspired packaging and a new caramel waffle cookie flavor. Happy summer/winter!!

Instagrammer @candyhunting shared a look at the new creamers. The bottles feature a graphic of Buddy from the classic 2003 film’s movie poster. Each bottle has details curated to the specific flavor. Caramel waffle cookie is the new flavor this year, and the bottle is mostly yellow with caramel-drizzled stroopwafels and caramel presents on it. The returning seasonal flavor peppermint mocha comes in a red bottle with buildings made of chocolate and a peppermint candy ground on it. The frosted sugar cookie, another returning flavor, comes in a green bottle with snow and frosted sugar cookies shaped like trees and a snowman on it.

“These are already starting to hit shelves, so be on the lookout,” Candy Hunting wrote in the caption of the post: “Huge thanks to International Delight's PR group for sending the creamers!”

People made plenty of jokes in the comments. “I wonder if these make the world’s best cup of coffee,” one person wrote. “What, no Maple Syrup spaghetti?” another asked. All jokes aside, many adore the fun packaging and can’t wait to pour the flavors into a hot cup of coffee.

It's never too early to have a holiday-flavored cup of joe and watch Elf...I suppose!

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