Interior Designer Claims Anyone With a Large Sectional Needs Vital Accessory


If you’ve got a large sectional sofa in your living room, this post is for you. Interior designer Taylor Wilkins (@taylorwilkinsinteriordesign) gives the inside scoop on something guaranteed to elevate your space while keeping it clutter-free.

There's nothing quite like lounging on a spacious sectional sofa, but big furniture tends to swallow up room and leave limited space for organization. Taylor Wilkins, known for her innovative design solutions, says the secret to maintaining style and organization in a space is a console table with inset storage.

Not only does this furniture marvel save space, but it also adds a generous dose of style and aesthetics!

Tired of losing your remote, mobile phone, or favorite snack between the couch cushions? The console table with inset storage steps up to the plate for being both aesthetically pleasing and a practical storage solution – the best of both worlds!

Home decor and design are all about personal choices. The console table can act as the perfect canvas for your unique tastes, reliably showcasing your favorite artwork, family photos, or travel souvenirs.

Wilkins highlights the convenience factor! That's right – the inset storage in this console table is super accessible. No more getting up from your comfy spot to grab a blanket or your favorite book on the shelf placed just out of reach. With this console table, everything you need is now stored conveniently within arm’s reach.

If you prefer to build your own to match the exact specifications of your living room décor, we have good news for you – building a console table with inset storage is a popular DIY project. So go ahead and put on your DIY hat, and create something that not only boosts your interior design but also brings a sense of personal pride.

Whether you buy one, build one, or revamp an old piece of furniture, trust us when we say that once you introduce this vital accessory to your living space, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it!

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