Intense Debate About How Often Kids Should Bathe Divides the Internet

Every parent knows what its like to deal with bath time in their household, but not everyone can see eye-to-eye on how often their little ones should be getting a good cleansing.

It all started when Motherly, a lifestyle brand about modern motherhood, released insight about how often kids need to bathe, suggesting that it may not be as often as parents think.

In a new Instagram post shared by the company, a video about bath time insisted that baths don't have to be given daily—especially for kids with sensitive skin, which may even benefit from more infrequent bathing.

But not everyone was buying it, and the post has now completely divided the internet, with parents everywhere rushing to the comments to give their own two cents about the proper bathing schedule for kids.

For some parents, one bath a day is a non-negotiable, especially when kids are exposed to germs at daycare, dirt from playing outside, or covered in food from their meals.

One person commented, "Every single Day!!!! There is just as much research that supports good hygiene 😍," while another agreed, "When they are wild germy toddlers, everyday."

"Bruhhhh like why is this even debatable. Every single day, multiple times a day if need be," someone else echoed, begging, "Stop with this nonsense."

Other parents were less convinced that their kids needed daily baths, including those who believe their children don't need a bath, or at least one with soap, unless they are visibly dirty.

"I wash my kids like I wash my car.... when I run my finger over them and come away with a dirt streak," one parent wrote.

"We go a few days between baths. Some days he gets a wipe bath because momma is tired. 🤷‍♀️," someone else chimed in.

Another parent said they only bathe their kids weekly, which they claim has worked fine so far. "I wipe the dirt off and they get a bath weekly. They are rarely sick. It’s all good," they wrote.

But even apart from hygiene, some parents like to give their children daily baths as a way of winding down at bed time, including one parent who commented, "We bathe daily for the vibes, gotta get the kids to wind down."

"Not only is he getting a bath daily but he’s getting moisturized and rubbed down which helps him relax and sleep better," someone else added.

Others were of the mind that every parent should do what's best for their kids, and that there is no "right" or "wrong" when it comes to bath time frequency.

"Idc," one person bluntly stated, adding, "Stop trying to convince me my sweaty, muddy, sticky handed, wipe their butt once and run for the hills children don’t need a bath EVERY night. Because they are not bringing all that grime over here 😂."

"With all due respect, can we please stop having this conversation? Culturally speaking, this is something we're never gonna see eye to eye about," someone else lamented.

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