Instead of ‘flipping out,’ mom turns toddler’s glitter ‘mess’ into personalized gift

A mom decided to turn her toddler’s misbehavior into a beautiful art piece.

TikToker Hayley Colton is a wife, mother and artist who makes custom tumblers. When her daughter may have snuck into Colton’s art studio to do some crafting of her own, the mom chose not to get upset. Instead, she used her daughter’s “mess” as inspiration for some art.

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“So my daughter got into my glitter and made her own little glitter mixture,” she explained. “And rather than flipping out like I probably do too often, I sat back and thought about it and realized she watches me every day make stuff and play in this glitter. I can’t blame her for wanting to play in it too.”

Colton decided to make her daughter her very own tumbler using the glitter mixture the toddler had created. The mom took a tumbler out of its plastic casing and coated it in glue. Then she covered it in the pink, silver and red glitter mixture before putting the plastic case back on.

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“If I’m a mess, that means I have been learning #toddlerlife,” the cup read.

“I think it turned out so cute. And I actually really love this mixture that she made,” the mom said.

People loved how the mom handled the situation.

“Awwww, I love it! Turning a negative into a positive!! Having boundaries, discussions and all,” a person wrote.

“My daughter got into my paints and painted all over her lamp that I was working on. I let it dry, and it’s in her room as is. She loves it,” another said.

“So sweet and honest. I know I get upset way too often. I know I need to do better and be more understanding. She’s learning and wants to be involved,” someone commented.

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