Instagram Trend Report 2023: Gen Z Users Serious About DIY, Thrifting, Side Hustles and More

Healing, energized and main character energy — that’s how a sampling of Gen Z Instagram users in the U.S. are summing up 2023, according to a recent survey.

Summing up 12 months that have yet to happen is a riddle in itself, but there is far more forward-thinking predictions to parse in Instagram’s 2023 Trend Report.

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The findings are based on an October survey of 1,200 Gen Z social media users between the ages of 16 and 24. It was conducted through a partnership with WSGN.

Sustainability and inflation are on the minds of respondents, half of whom indicated that they plan to DIY their clothes in the year ahead. Thrifting is another pursuit gaining ground, especially when a particular sought-after style is out of their personal spending price range.

The bulk of the survey takers indicated that they will use their dollars to support causes and communities. The report noted that 30 percent of the age group are eligible to vote but teenagers “use platforms like Instagram to vote with their wallets.” They also feel that more Gen Z politicians are needed. Maxwell Frost became the first to be elected to the U.S. Congress.

Another indicator of their maturity could be seen in the determination that financial literacy is a priority and 85 percent said they plan to learn a new skill next year. One out of 10 aims to increase their skills in finance. Teenagers are using Instagram to try to make some money. But nearly half of respondents said they create content to express themselves and have fun.

Looking ahead, Gen Z is counting on their favorite influencers to embrace mixed media and new forms of media. They are also increasingly keen to participate at in-person community-building events.

They also support those with disabilities. Three out of four Gen Zers said that they follow an influencer who has a disability.

In terms of beauty preferences, respondents see makeup as a form of self-expression and indulging in the experimental is not anything that is being shied away from. Such personal flair hasn’t blinded them from common sense. Two out of three said the impact from climate change is prompting them to buy protective skin care and beauty products.

Self care comes in many dimensions and this demographic is big on communal care (online and off), taking the time to unplug from social media and engaging with feel-good content.

The metaverse offers its own appeal, but 67 precent of the Gen Z respondents said avatars should reflect diverse body types, clothing and skin tones in the next year.  More than half of the social media users plan to draw fashion or beauty inspiration from avatars.

Culturally speaking, Gen Z survey takers are more inclined to try different delicacies from around the globe after seeing images online. Music offers another way to bond — raves are making a comeback and Instagram is the new dating app, according to the trend report.

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