Instagram Post From PnB Rock’s Girlfriend May Have Led to His Death, According to Police

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Photo:  Michael Kovac (Getty Images)
Photo: Michael Kovac (Getty Images)

As police are still investigating the unfortunate death of Philadelphia rapper, PnB Rock, they suspect that an Instagram post may have possibly led to the rapper’s death, according to CBS Los Angeles.

Born Rakim Hasheem Allen, Rock was fatally shot on Monday afternoon at Roscoe’s House of Chicken & Waffles in South Los Angeles, Calif. He was 30 years old.

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While the rapper was eating at the restaurant, Rock’s girlfriend posted on her Instagram story a picture of what they were eating. The post included a geo-tag, which gives the exact location of the post.

During a press conference addressing the investigation, Los Angeles Police Chief Michel Moore said that the post by Rock’s girlfriend may have given the suspect an idea of where the couple was, according to CBS Los Angeles.

Moore explained, “The target was expensive jewelry, property that he had on his person. We believe this senseless murder occurred following a posting on Instagram or social media.”

He continued, “The posting of that may have led to these individuals learning where he was at and going there specifically with the intention of robbing him because he’s known in the social media circles as frequently possessing very expensive jewelry and property of great value.”

Michel made clear that Rock’s girlfriend should not be blamed for his death and is cooperating with officers, according to CBS Los Angeles.

In a post on Twitter shortly after his death, Nicki Minaj urged rappers to stop sharing their locations on social media, writing, “After Pop Smoke there’s no way we as rappers or our loved ones are still posting locations to our whereabouts. To show waffles & some fried chicken????! He was such a pleasure to work with. Condolences to his mom & family. This makes me feel so sick. Jesus.”

Similar to PnB Rock, before the fatal shooting of Pop Smoke, the New York rapper posted on his Instagram and also geo-tagged his location, possibly giving assailants his location as well.

It’s just unfortunate that in the last 4 years, at least one rapper has died every year from gun violence: XXXTentacion in 2018, Nipsey Hussle in 2019, King Von and Pop Smoke in 2020, Young Dolph in 2021 and now PnB Rock.