New Instagram of Heidi Klum Has 'AGT' Fans Asking a Lot of Questions About Season 15

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  • America's Got Talent season 15 airs on NBC Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. ET.

  • This week, there will be no new audition episode of the 2020 season, according to an Instagram announcement featuring judge Heidi Klum.

  • Here's when AGT auditions are expected to resume and Heidi will come back to the series.

Sorry America's Got Talent fans, but you'll have to wait just a bit longer for more amazing season 15 audition action.

The show is taking a short pause and will be re-airing the season 15 premiere this week in its usual Tuesday time slot on NBC. The talent show made the announcement recently in a caption alongside an Instagram of judge Heidi Klum, who has been absent from the show for a few weeks.

Reacting to the news, some AGT viewers asked about Heidi's return, while others lamented about the thought of waiting for the 2020 season to continue. "BAD IDEA - why show a repeat?? when people want to see more NEW SHOWS!!!! come on - wake up!!" one fan complained. "A repeat? Bummer," another remarked. "Really Hope Heidi is feeling better♥️," a different fan commented.

Now for the good news: Heidi is feeling better and expected to come back really soon. Though she missed a few tapings in March due to illness, she made it clear on her own Instagram feed that she will definitely be back for the Judge Cuts episodes of season 15.

What's more, the show is expected to resume airing new episodes next Tuesday, July 14. From there, audition rounds will continue, though they may be filmed without an audience due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. According to, the first of the Judge Cuts episodes with Heidi will start on July 28.

Until then though, we are perfectly happy rewatching some of this year's incredible acts. Archie Williams, Double Dragon, Voices of Our City Choir (a.k.a. the first golden buzzer of season 15) — of course we want to see them perform again!

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