Instagram Gets New Filters and a Bunch of Other Tools

Many are still in testing

Key Features

Even if you don't dream of being an "influencer," these new tools seem kind of fun to try out.

It's been a minute since Instagram got new filters, but now they're here, along with a bunch of other new features.

Instagram just announced several new features are being tested and several more are now available for creators or anyone that wants to use the app. The improvements are being made in Reels, Feed photos, Carousels, and Stories. There are also some new performance-tracking tools if you're into that kind of thing.

<p>Meta</p> Sticker Anything on Instagram


Sticker Anything on Instagram

For Reels and Stories, Instagram is testing video editing features and a new way to make memes. This includes new tools for scaling, cropping, and rotating clips. Meta is also adding undo and redo, with the goal of helping you save time while you're editing videos.

Meta also targets memes by adding tools that let you add clips with audio or pull a clip with audio from the clip hub. Fans can use them to make their own remix of content, including what you've shared. And it's made it easier to create photo stickers using the Segment Anything tool.

If text is your thing, there are six new text fonts to choose from, and of course, the new filters. Though the press release didn't provide a number of new filters, it did say, "From subtle color edits to options for expressive styles, these updates make it easy for you to try various looks for your posts."

<p>Meta</p> New Instagram Filters


New Instagram Filters

To make creating easier, new organization features help you find audio clips, locate voice-over capabilities, and find, access, and edit draft videos or posts you may have created.

For the creators among us, there are some new metrics on Reels to help you see how many times your Reels have been replayed in addition to the number of Initial Plays it receives. And "in the coming months," there will also be the ability to see how many people are watching your reels on a moment-by-moment basis.

Some of these features appear to be available today (new filters, new text fonts, etc.) while others are listed as being tested, though it's not clear whether they're being tested through the entire subscriber base or not. Also, a few of the features, like watch counts, are listed as being available "in the coming months" which means they're not here now, but we might see them soon.

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