Up your Instagram game with these menswear fashion tips

In this episode of In The Know’s The Guide, host Jovel Roystan offers some tips and tricks for upping your Instagram style game, and talks to fashion aficionado and Tier co-founder, Victor James (@vctrjames).

Style is just as important online as it is offline, especially when it comes to Instagram. In a sea of picture-perfect outfits, it can be hard to stand out. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to boost your onscreen style and get noticed on the ‘gram.

Roystan says that the key to success on Instagram is “having a scroll stopper,” which is an outfit that will make someone stop scrolling and pay attention to your post. For this, Roystan recommends a “strong pop of color” like this bright Palm Angels track jacket and track pant.

Prints and patterns can have the same result as bright colors on Instagram, according to Roystan. So take some risks with your prints. “Make things fun, keep it interesting. People want to be entertained, so give it to them,” says Roystan.

Designer items are another great way to get noticed on social media. Roystan looks to this Balenciaga logo shirt and Off-White hooded coat as solid options to make waves on the ‘gram.

Playing around with silhouettes can help get eyes on your ‘fit pics too. Roystan recommends pairing oversized items with something more fitted, like a wide-leg pant and a cropped top.

Tier co-founder and style master, Victor James, is a silhouette enthusiast as well. When asked about what men should be doing more on Instagram when it comes to their style, James said, “Guys should play a lot more with proportions and silhouettes, and definitely think about their overall physique so that they’re doing it the right way.”

But when it comes to his personal approach to Instagram-ready style, James said it’s all about how he’s feeling. “It starts off with my mood,” begins James when describing his process. “When I wake up, [I check] my mood, and then I check the weather. 9 out of 10 [times] I try to go opposite of the weather as far as color. So if it’s rainy, I don’t really want to wear dark, drawn-out colors. I kind of want to put a spin on that.”

However, while social media style is about taking risks and getting noticed, it’s also important to maintain a level of professionalism depending on the context of your post.

For the “Style Challenge,” Roystan was asked to put together an outfit that would boost one’s followers while also promoting their side hustle of selling lifestyle items. For this, Roystan kept a clean palette with an extra slim white suit jacket from Express.

Whatever your fashion sense, you can’t go wrong with a strong personal style. So make sure you love your outfit first and foremost before dressing for your followers.

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